Where to Scuba Dive this Fall, 4 Best Destination

by spotmydive

The fall season can seem like a little bit of a challenging time for scuba diving. Weather can be rough in some of the more traditional diving destinations, like the Caribbean. And even if the waters are calm, temperatures can be cooling in many places, making it a little bit less appealing to spend time in the water! As many experienced divers are well aware, however, there’s always somewhere that will be perfect for a vacation, and the fall season is no exception.

The following are just four of many destinations around the world where you might want to think about an autumn dive trip.

Diving Fiji

If you’re looking for a conventionally flawless diving destination and the fall hurricane season scares you away from the Caribbean, think about a more exotic getaway to Fiji. Really, this one doesn’t require too much explanation or convincing, or it shouldn’t. If you have a picture in your mind of a flawless island with white sand surrounded by clear waters, coral, and marine life, you can find something to match it in Fiji. Furthermore, the weather is absolutely ideal. If you’re not exactly clear on where Fiji is or what it’s weather patterns are, you’re forgive – a lot of people envision it as a generic island paradise and think of it as just being somewhere out in the Pacific. Technically that’s true, but Fiji is farther south than many realize, below Papua New Guinea and east of Australia. Because of this, the weather is just heating up this time of year, and travel information sites actually list late summer and early fall as

Sardin Run in South Africa

Scuba diving in South Africa is on the top bucket list of many divers. Located in the Southern Hemisphere, south Africa is ideal for a fall diving trip. Never mind that it also happens to be one of the world’s coolest countries to visit, offering everything from modern cities to outdoor adventures. It’s also a particularly noteworthy dive spot. In particular the area known as Aliwal Shoal attracts a lot of divers. Named by Huffington Post as one of the 15 best diving locations in the world, it’s on the route of the infamous Sardine Run – a sort of underwater interstate for billions of sardines, which naturally attracts a lot of other marine life as well.


Diving in Egypt and other North African locations is generally a good idea this time of year simply because of the weather. However, it’s also a particularly good place for a wreck dive. While many expert divers seek clear waters and beautiful nature, it’s the idea of wrecks and treasures that better captures some beginners’ imagination. We think of films in which explorers have found valuable artifacts under the sea. A video game called “Nauticus” specifically discusses prizes hidden on the ocean floor. It even simulates the experience, in a way, packing a real money slot machine with ocean imagery, as if you’re out diving for treasure. Because of things like these movies and games it’s no wonder that many of us love the idea of exploring shipwrecks undersea – even if we won’t really find treasure there. And it just so happens that Red Sea is considered one of the world’s best destinations for wreck dives.

Scuba diving in Hawaii

This is one of the best diving destinations in the world pretty much year ‘round, so it’s no surprise to see it on this list. The weather in Hawaii is still plenty warm enough for diving throughout much of the fall, and the area is perfect for tropical scenery, marine life, and wreck dives alike. The main attraction of late has been the Carthaginian II. That name might call to mind images of ancient cultures. Games, books, and films alike have turned the Carthaginians into heroes of the ancient world, and some Mediterranean dives actually do uncover relics of this and similar cultures. In this case, however, the Carthaginian II is actually a thriving artificial reef that was once a whaling ship replica. It was sunk intentionally to house marine life, and has become a breathtaking dive attraction.