Where to dive in november? 4 must-see destinations

by Kathryn Curzon

As we head into November, Europe is cooling down but the Middle East and southern hemisphere come into their own; offering warm water diving and seasonal marine life highlights.

The northern Great Barrier Reef hosts tens of thousands of sea turtles in November, whilst Palau’s bump head parrotfish mating season begins.

Oman’s remote Hallaniyat Islands become accessible for adventurous diving off the beaten path and Fiji’s reefs are buzzing with the start of summer.

Here are our top picks of where to dive in November.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Love sea turtles? These charming animals are a favourite with many divers and Great Barrier Reef liveaboard diving is one of the best ways to dive with them in large numbers.

It’s the start of the sea turtle nesting season at world-famous Raine Island in the far northern reaches of the Great Barrier Reef. This turtle hotspot hosts 40,000 – 100,000 green sea turtles each breeding season.

Coming ashore to lay their eggs in the warm sands, the turtles absolutely cover the beaches and you can see them with ease on the surrounding reefs.

The Spoilsport offers Turtle Spectacular Far Northern Reefs safaris during November.

Palau, Micronesia

It’s peak dive season at Palau from now until April, meaning plenty of pelagic action and great visibility at this idyllic destination.

Dive Palau in November and you can experience two very special events. The new moon heralds the start of the bumphead parrotfish mating season, when the waters are busy with these enormous fish.

Visit during the full moon and you can witness thousands of red snappers gathering to spawn.

Given how warm the waters are at Palau, you can watch these spectacles unfold to your heart’s content.

The Palau Siren offers full and new moon spawning adventures.

Credit – Worldwide Dive and Sail


Tucked away off the south eastern coast of Oman, the barren Hallaniyat Islands are far from the tourist trail and relatively unknown on the liveaboard diving scene, yet offer fantastic diving.

This hidden gem of Oman diving has thriving coral reefs and new dive sites are being discovered all the time.

November is one of the best months to visit for the chance to see manta rays at the islands, though if you visit from January onwards, you’ll have the chance to see humpback whales.

Keep your eyes on the blue whilst you drift over the islands’ colourful coral gardens. It’s not uncommon to see mobula rays, zebra sharks and large schools of dolphins.

Sperm whales are also occasionally seen at this unique liveaboard diving destination.

Whilst peaceful diving is one of Oman’s best highlights, take some time to discover Oman’s culture and topside landscapes.

There are bustling markets with authentic souvenirs, orange desert vistas dotted with turquoise wadis, and the vibrant capital of Muscat.

This welcoming and safe country is the oldest independent state in the Arab world, with plenty to offer for all.

The Oman Aggressor cruises the Hallaniyat Islands from November to April.

Credit – Agressor Adventures


It’s the start of summer in Fiji and this famously friendly destination has perfect dive conditions in November. The trade winds are dropping and there are long calm spells with flat seas.

Whenever you dive Fiji, you’ll be surrounded by vivid soft corals of every shade imaginable and plenty of colourful reef fish.

But as the water temperature rises in November, coral spawning begins and you can see numerous crustaceans on the reefs as well.

You can also spot nesting sea turtles this month and see schools of Spanish mackerel dancing in the blue.

It’s a great start to the Fijian summer. Don’t miss it.

The ever-popular Nai’i offers 7 and 10-night safaris to some of Fiji’s best dive areas.

This article was written by divers and writers at LiveAboard.com.