What is the World Record For Deepest Scuba Dive ?

by spotmydive

The deepest dive in the world has been made by the Egyptian Scuba Diver Ahmed Gamal Gabr in 2014. The world record took place in the Red Sea in the small town of Dahab in Egypt with 332.35 meters deep, the dive lasted 12 minutes, and the ascent 15 hours And yes, Ahmed realized several stages of decompression!

To achieve this record, certified by the Guinness Book of Records, Ahmed Gamal Gabr used more than 60 bottles containing a mixture of oxygen, nitrogen, helium and hydrogen. The dosage of these gases was determined differently depending on the stage of decompression. To accomplish this feat, he trained for many months, and worked with yoga masters to minimize his breathing and slow down his heart rate. He succeeds the South African Nuno Gomes, who reached 318.25 meters in 2005.