What is the biggest oceanic wave in recorded history?

by spotmydive

The highest ocean wave in the world is 19 meters high, the size of a 4 floors building, this is the record approved by the World Meteorological Organization WMO. It was observed in the Atlantic Ocean between Iceland and the United Kingdom on 4 February by an automatic buoy. That day, this area was swept by winds that were blowing at 81.1 km/h. The previous record was held by a wave of 18,275 meters. Another world record was validated by WMO in the same year, a wave of 321 km length was observed in Oklahoma.

A wave of 33 meters

Other waves, much larger were seen, such as the 33 meters wave surfed by Benjamin Sanchis. Indeed, when a wave approaches the shore, its size increases. The area most suitable for the birth of giant waves stretches from the submarine plateaus off Newfoundland to the west coast of the United Kingdom. To measure these records, WMO has anchored buoys and drifting buoys in all oceans of the planet.

Giant underwater waves

A team of Massachusetts scientists has discovered in the China Sea giant waves forming in the depths of the sea. According to them, the most powerful waves could reach nearly 170 meters high. These monstrous waves present in all the oceans of the globe would play a role in the mixing of ocean waters and would have a crucial impact on the temperature of the oceans.