What Does the Antarctic Seabed Look Like?

by spotmydive

Situated in South Pole, Antarctica also known as the white continent , is covered by a layer of ice 2 kilometers thick. That is why Antarctica’s’ sea bed is full of secret. When people are thinking about the white continent, usually they imagine: penguins sliding on ice, seal having a nap and whales swimming slowly. However did you know that a rich, colorful and abundant life also exist under its surface?

Ice diving Antarctica

The Australian Department of Antarctica has undertaken research on the complexity of the Antarctic coastal ecosystem. At O’Brien Bay, near the Casey research station, a hole was dug in the ice only 1.5 meters thick at this point to introduce an underwater robot equipped with a camera. The first images unveil a new and amazing world made up of a rich ecosystem flourishing in water at -1.5°C all year. In this very colorful world, there are sponge-like coconut, worms similar to pretty flowers, sea cucumbers, sea spiders, sea urchins and starfish. In addition, the robot also has the important task to record levels of acidity, salinity, oxygen and temperature of the water. This study should be used to measure the impact of carbon dioxide emissions on ocean acidification and on marine ecosystems. For information, oceans absorb a quarter of all those emissions of the planet.

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