What are the 10 best dive spots in Mayotte?

by spotmydive

Within the largest Marine Natural Park in France, the natural reef and lagoons complex of Mayotte is the largest in the Indian Ocean. It is home to an exuberant marine life thanks to the plurality of habitats that it groups: fringing reefs that line the shoreline for 195 kilometers long, a lagoon with an average depth of 35 to 40 meters, internal reefs scattered in the lagoon, a 140 km long barrier reef interspersed with numerous reef passes, mangroves covering 735 hectares along the coast and seagrass meadows on 760 hectares. These large spaces offer an almost infinite playground for divers and it is not surprising that Mayotte is quickly becoming a reference in the world of scuba diving. Let’s take a look at the 10 best dive sites in Mayotte .

East of Mayotte

The S Pass

The “S-Pass” is the essential site for diving in Mayotte .
This name comes from its beautiful winding shape corresponding to the old meander of a river that brought together the current rivers of Majimbini, Gouloue and Kwale. Due to its size and configuration, it is an exceptional site for divers of all levels. Several buoys allow the boats to lash on the different diving spots spread over the 4 km long pass.
Depending on the season, the tides, the wind and the currents, the local diving clubs choose this or that buoy depending on the level of the divers onboard. Underwater diving sites are very varied and offer a wide range of biodiversity both with the fauna and flora.
You will meet big groupers and an incredible number of turtles through a myriad of tropical fish. It’s a real pleasure for the eyes!

Falling aviator

This dive site owes its name to its proximity to the end of the airstrip at Dzaoudzi airport but also to its magnificent drop that descends 62 meters deep.
This dive spot begins with a pleasant walk dotted with many canyons and tunnels to explore including one that starts from 12m and ends at 25m deep. During your immersion, you will meet some of the locals such as scorpion fish, porcupine fish and other reef fish. When you reach the wall, you will be stunned by this vertical wall covered with corals and gorgonians that gives a real feeling of vertigo. For the great depths’ adventurers, a giant loach of nearly 300 kg resides 60 meters deep. Greet her on our behalf!
Beware, this dive site in Mayotte is particularly exposed to the swell, so it is only accessible in very good weather.

©CDT Mayotte / Gabriel BARATHIEU

South East

Saziley Reef

Located at the extreme south-east of the island, this or rather these diving spots, will enchant all those who will explore them. Under the mirror of the waters, they will discover a tremendous profusion of corals and a multitude of schools of multicolored fish.

The chimney

What characterizes this place compared to the others, is its chimney of 2.5 m of diameter which descends on about fifteen meters. It opens onto a drop that plunges 40 meters deep. This dive spot also gives the opportunity to see a small wreck, a barge of the 50s with a crane, placed not far on a sandbar.

South of Mayotte

Boat Pass

Mayotte is famous for these magnificent drop offs. Look forward to it because on this dive site you will not have one but two successive drops. The first wall plunges from 10 to 40 meters then after a small landing gently sloping over a white sand, the second falling is presented to you to drive from 50 meters to 80 meters deep. Of course, this second section is only for tek divers. The diving spot is very rich in life; you will probably see parrot fish, lobsters, dry, stingrays, big morays or turtles or even a giant grouper.

©CDT Mayotte / Gabriel BARATHIEU

West of Mayotte

Boueni pass

This dive site in Mayotte is an ideal place for lovers of drift diving. These take place along a 40 meters deep drop. In addition to beautiful soft corals and large gorgonians on the drop, the dive site is full of fish. The current brings with it large pelagics, the opportunity for exceptional encounters with manta rays, eagle rays, napoleons and even hammerhead sharks, dolphins or whales.

Pass sada

The Sada Pass is quite similar to the Boueni Pass. It is a drift dive along a 45-meters deep drop covered with gorgonians and soft corals. Here, beautiful encounters are frequent especially with big groupers or hammerhead sharks who like to swim along this wall.
The faults, along the wall, and the lush flora serve as a refuge for a wide variety of wildlife including moray eels, lobsters, nudibranchs, crabs and many other species.

North West of Mayotte

The Boa Bank

South of the Choazyl islets, the Boa Bank is one of the most beautiful dive sites in Mayotte. This magnificent coral reef, full of fish, extends from 5 to 30 meters deep.
There are beautiful gorgonians visible at shallow depths that will delight underwater photographers. Other subjects will also attract attention, such as stingrays with blue dots or lobsters. Do not forget to look regularly in the blue because this dive spot is a place of passage of large pelagic.

North of Mayotte

Iris Bench

This dive, quite technical, is suitable for experienced divers. In fact, you will have to reach the bottom quickly and head towards the flowing against the current. At the foot of it, you will hang and admire the spectacle of sharks swimming in the big blue. The reef is full of majestic corals and gorgonians. It is also possible, from July to October, to watch whales and their calves near the dive site.


Located on the coral reef south of the village of M’Tsamboro, the Cocaine diving spot is made up of a white sand bottom that earned this name. The depth reaches 30 meters and visibility is generally excellent. This dive site in Mayotte is particularly interesting because it contains dragon moray eels but also leaf fish.
At Cocaine, the current can be very strong, so it is better to favor tidal stalls to explore this site.