Ultimate World Dive Map for Scuba Divers

by spotmydive

Many of our readers are ocean lovers, scuba diving and traveling. We are always looking for hot news and new product that will whet your curiosity. We just discovered a young German company specialized world maps, and on of their product is a wonderful world dive map.

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Passionate about geography since my childhood, I always loved world maps reminding me my travels and bringing back to me great souvenirs. Maps more than perfect our geographic knowledge, allow us to escape from everyday life. There are many maps of the world giving precise information about borders, rivers, lands etc. But this is the first time I discover map designed around specific leisure activities such as yoga, snowboarding, climbing or scuba diving. Let’s speak about the map that all divers must have, a map representing the best dive sites around the world.

Why buy a world dive map?

Whether it is for yourself or to offer, buying a beautiful map can be a good investment to :

  • Improve the perception of the world we live in
  • Decorate your place
  • Be easily searchable

World map from Awesome Maps

Simon founded Awesome Maps in 2010, after searching in vain a world map of the best surf spots. So he decided to create his own. Awesome Maps now offers to travelers from all over the world the chance to continue their passion at home. The maps of Awesome Maps fall into three categories :

The CLASSIC MAPS that are fully hand illustrated, featuring themed location maps.

The CREATORS MAP that are meant to be modified and customized by yourself depending on your travel and your memories.

The DESIGN MAPS are simply stunning and designed for display. They add unique style to any wall.

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How do they design their maps?

Lars, chief illustrator, along with a team of designers, illustrators, web developers and explorers, designs maps with a pen and a sheet of paper. Once made, the card is printed on a high-end coated paper or on a museum-quality 100% cotton canvas. These satin-finished surfaces guarantee the color brilliance. All Awesome Maps are printed in Berlin, Germany.

Their best seller: the dive map

This map represent the world’s best diving spots includes: the macro fauna of Lembeh Strait, Bahamian sharks and the extraordinary wrecks of the Red Sea. Take inspiration from this map to plan your next dive trip.

Other interesting world maps?

There is something for everyone. These maps could be great idea for your next Christmas gift or for a birthday :

  • SURF
  • LOVE
  • YOGA

So now, if you need more information about their product and if you want to buy a map, just follow this link and use our code for the discount :

With the coupon: SPOTMYDIVE, you will have a 10% DISCOUNT.