The heart-shaped island, Tupai in French Polynesia

by spotmydive

Tupai : Diver’s paradise

At 16 kilometers, north of the romantic island of Bora Bora
, the heart-shaped atoll, Tupai is a real natural paradise. This small atoll of 11 km2 is inhabited and has no hotels of any kind. A small airstrip was installed there in 2001 but is virtually unused. Only a few diving clubs from Bora Bora come to visit the island. It is however inhabited by many species of birds and marine turtles comes to lay eggs on the beach in November.

Diving with whales in Tupai in French Polynesia

Between July and October, many humpback whales come to French Polynesia to give birth and raise their babies. They especially appreciate the calm waters of this uninhabited atoll. The show is absolutely beautiful. Some diving centers in Bora Bora such as TOP Dive or Eleuthera Bora Diving Center offer underwater diving trips to Tupai during the whale season. For a diver, the opportunity is too beautiful: Diving in French Polynesia with humpback whales in an uninhabited atoll. It’s almost supernatural.