The floods in southern thailand and koh tao

by spotmydive

The rain has flooded the diving centers of Koh Tao.

In January 2017, Koh Tao, the diver’s paradise, the kingdom of fishes, the amazing island with indisputable charm is sometimes the victim of terrible weather conditions. Indeed, the smallest of the three islands of the Gulf of Thailand, has repeatedly been the victim of heavy rains and devastating floods, particularly impacting the activity of the many great diving centers of koh tao.

For the many divers that came to visit the many beautiful dive sites on the island it is also a very bad news, but most of them are taking it on the bright side. Although it is obviously impossible to scuba dive under these conditions, living this intemperance is an adventure in its own that optimistic divers know how to appreciate. But, despite the importance of the material damage, no victim was to be deplored. Some roads were partially destroyed, but it was mainly the diving centers and restaurants on the island that suffered from the floods.

Tips for divers visiting Koh Tao and Southern Thailand.

Obviously, what happened to the island in early 2017 is very rare. We must go back to 2011 to find floods of this size. In general, only the dive shop that are very close to the shore suffer, once every two years, from difficult conditions which usually last only two or three days. Overall, this type of situation only occurs between the months of October and February.

These meteorological phenomena are relatively predictable and the diver should check the meteorological conditions the week before his arrival on the island. Also, be aware that in these situations, the Tourist Authority of Thailand or TAT, offers to inform divers and tourists of the situation, by phone at the number 1672 as well as in all of its offices in Thailand.

Check the web site of TAT

The Spotmydive team wishes to express its support to all koh tao dive shops, divemasters, instructors and divers.
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