The 3 best dive sites in Ibiza

by spotmydive

Ibiza is a Balearic island located in the South. There are idyllic beaches, peaceful retreats and is a living culture. There is an exceptional year-round climate and the most crystalline waters of the Mediterranean. These very favorable conditions invite divers from all over the world to spend a pleasant moment.
Even if there are more than 20 diving Ibiza dive sites in Ibiza, let us introduce you to our three favorite spots.

Diving on the Don Pedro 

This name, which looks like that of a guy in a gangster movie, belongs to one of the biggest shipwrecks in Europe. 142 meters long and 20 meters wide, this wreck lies on a sandy bottom near the port of Ibiza. While sinking, the ship remained lying on the port side, the tour turned to the northeast. To visit it, you have to dive between 26 and 47 meters deep. Owned by ISCOMAR, the Don Pedro was a passenger and freight boat connecting Ibiza and Denia Alicante province.

On the night of 11 July 2007, when leaving the port, the boat sank after hitting a shoal on the island Dado Pequeño. Gradually, the boat was covered with life and this slow colonization does not stop changing the appearance of the wreck. The Don Pedro can be visited in many different ways, starting with the propeller, the wheelhouse or the bow. The interior of the wreck is only accessible to very experienced divers. The mooring area to access the Don Pedro wreck is a 7-minute boat ride from the SCUBA IBIZA dive center.

El Dado Pequeño

Do you remember the circumstances of the sinking of the Don Pedro ? You can then go to discover the rock that made it flow! At first glance, the small rock that emerges on the surface, does not look like much, but once under water, this dive site has a lot to offer: depth, shallow waters, fascinating topography and abundant marine life. Its “structure” of walls and rocks, its labyrinth with fantastic light shows, is the refuge of thousands of barracudas, octopuses, moray eels, congers, groupers and many multicolored nudibranchs .

Fish Factory – The Platform Mariana

Just a 20-minute boat ride from Ibiza to Formentera Island is the unusual dive site of the Platform. “ La Mariana” or “La Plataforma ” was a floating fish farm where bream was bred. After being abandoned, it finally sank after several storms in 1997. Underwater, one easily understands what attracts underwater photographers and wreck lovers . This structure, worthy of a sci-fi movie, serves as a refuge for a wide variety of fish species . Hexagonal, giant, reinforced concrete, it begins at 11 meters deep to finish 33 meters deep.

The platform serves as an artificial reef for many marine species. The most represented is, without a doubt, the barracudas Hundreds of barracudas swim around the structure and are hardly intimidated by divers. You can also see amberjacks, groupers, congers, moray eels, scorpion fish and many crustaceans . At a maximum depth of 33m, PADI Advanced Open Water Divers will sink to the bottom before spiraling around the monstrous structure. PADI Open Water divers will be limited to 18 meters.