Snorkeling trip in Safaga – prices and spots

by spotmydive

Safaga is, without a doubt, one of the most popular best snorkeling destinations in the world. It is indeed perfect for snorkeling in the Red Sea , and it has many advantages over other parts of Egypt. On the one hand, the region is much less touristy than that of Hurghada or Marsa Alam. You are unlikely to find yourself on a boat filled with hundreds of tourists feeling like a number. Here, the setting is quieter, more pleasant and more family-friendly. During your snorkeling outing, you will not be 10 around every fish and it is, you can believe us, what makes the difference. Moreover, during your snorkeling trips to Safaga , you will be able to observe that the underwater fauna, less solicited, is generally denser than in many other destinations of Egypt. You can certainly spot, behind your mask, sea turtles, butterfly fish, parrotfish, gorgonians, stingrays and a multitude of other tropical fish. Finally, the area is simply beautiful. This old industrial town, located between magnificent sand dunes and turquoise water, has become a paradise for lovers of the sea and adventurers of the desert.

Finally, for accurate diving information, you will be able to make the diving in Safaga in many centers whose competence and quality are recognized. They are sufficiently numerous in the region even if it is not very touristy.

It is better to book your snorkeling outing in Safaga

It is recommended and better to book your snorkeling outing to Safaga for exploring the seabed of the region. The seabed along the coast are indeed not particularly rich and you can only discover a small number of species. In addition, the density of fish is not particularly great and you will probably be a little disappointed to have gone out with your mask, flippers and snorkel for such a result. Therefore, we strongly advise you to opt for a boat trip to take advantage of the best sites. .

Safaga outing is usually by the day and costs around Thirty-five euros or fifty dollars for a full day of snorkeling. The price includes transportation from your hotel in Safaga as well as taxes related to trips to the Red Sea, a small meal and a drink and the rental of equipment. In addition, a guide that is knowledgeable of the Safaga’ seabed and underwater species will accompany you and introduce you to the different species and particularities of the region. This can be a great family activity . In addition, a snorkeling outing is within everyone’s reach and the physical effort is not particularly intense. No special physical condition is required and the boats are spacious and comfortable.

What are the best snorkeling sites in Safaga, Egypt?

Among the best safaga dive sites , a large amount of spots are for snorkeling. In most of them, you will be able to observe dense fauna and colorful underwater. Here is the top of Safaga’s best snorkeling spots: .

Tobia Arbaa

This is a great site for snorkeling and is very special. It consists of five coral heads rising to the surface and resting at 12 meters deep. You can observe many species on the surface but also go down to explore the different coral heads, all inhabited by different species. Located only thirty minutes from Safaga, the spot is not to be missed. They include napoleon, crocodile fish, turbot, moray eels, lionfish and many others.

Tobia Hamra

Tobia Hamra is a large reef of almost 2 kilometers, it is particularly known for the practice of snorkeling. The Tobia Hamra site is on the northeastern part of this great reef. There are large gardens of hard corals and beautiful very shallow lagoons and, therefore, suitable for snorkeling. The best is to go there in the morning to be able to come across turtles, napoleons, eagle rays, flying lionfish, riflemen, moray eels, stone fish and a multitude of tropical fish of all colors.


It is a beautiful drop with a huge reef that touches the surface of the water. A snorkeling outing is made at the upper part of this reef. There are many gorgonians and a crowd of fish that prefer to stay at the top of this huge pinnacle that goes down more than 400 meters deep. One can glimpse in the depths, the famous anemone city which is, in truth, a great underwater city inhabited by a large number of clown fishes in fabulous gardens of gorgonian coral. You can also see tuna, turtles and sometimes even see dolphins.