Scuba Diving and Dive Insurance

by spotmydive

More and more people are practicing sport on a daily or occasional basis. Whether the practice is intensive or leisurely, sport is exposed to many accidental, sometimes fatal, risks. It is therefore essential for an athlete to take all necessary precautions by taking out insurance. And it is even more important when it comes to a sport considered dangerous or even “at risk”. This is particularly the case for scuba diving which is in the TOP 3 of the most dangerous sports and therefore the most difficult to ensure.

Scuba Diving Safety Statistics, Risks, and Dangers

Each year, the scuba diving represents thousands accidents in the world who occur mainly in summer. According to a study carried out by some European Public Hospitals, on 500 diving accidents, 85% concern recreational divers. However, all levels remain concerned, including instructors who represent 1/5th of the accident victims. The severity of accidents increases with depth. Nevertheless, more than 1/3 occur at less than 30 meters deep. The most frequent accidents are the decompression sickness, the barotrauma severe and the cardiovascular accident immersion. Scuba diving can therefore represent a real danger driving enthusiasts to take out insurance.