Rent a boat in Europe to get away

by Lukas Joseph

Looking to get away this summer? Looking for an original vacation that avoids health restrictions and crowds at all costs? Look no further: boat rental in Europe is the solution and it’s on the rise among vacationers. 

You will have the opportunity to take dreamy walks, visit wild beaches and have a good time on the water while enjoying your vacation. Go on an adventure with your friends or family on a dream yacht anywhere in Europe!

Let’s discover 4 good reasons to navigate next summer:

Experience unique moments

Holidays are the perfect time of the year to break away from your daily routine. A boat allows you to access places that are only accessible by sea. Wild creeks far from crowded beaches are yours! You can moor on deserted islets and play Robinson Crusoe, visit typical ports full of charm like Zakynthos for example.

A cruise at sea is also the best way to find your serenity with the possibility to disconnect from your work but also from your phone. Adopt the slow-life, where the only soft lapping of the waves becomes a source of well-being. 

There are many marine animals to see during your cruise such as whales, dolphins, or turtles on the creeks. You will also have the opportunity to see a sunrise or a sunset from your boat at sea.

If you go to the coves you can swim from your yacht in total freedom and drink beers in the sun with your friends.

Affordable rates

Renting a boat without a license is not as expensive as some might think. As a comparison, a week with a skipper is no more expensive than a week in a four star hotel for a family of four. And this price is greatly reduced if one of you has  a coastal boat license. 

Prices also fluctuate according to the choice of boat. If you choose a spacious and well-equipped 30-meter catamaran or a small 15-meter monohull with challenging performance, the budget will be significantly different. So there is something for every taste, every age and every budget! It should be noted that the average budget for booking a boat in 2020 was about 500€.

Where can I book my boat?

There are a lot of websites specialized in boat rental, which can scare some people. You should not make a mistake in your choice.  So, to be totally confident, we recommend you to book your boat on SamBoat. With a choice of more than 40,000 boats in 45 countries, you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for. The site is fast, ergonomic with many filters and it allows you to book a boat in only two clicks. In addition, the transactions are secure and the booking procedures are particularly clear.  


Destinations are endless. At Spotmydive, we love European destinations and more particularly the Mediterranean Sea. Among the most popular destinations are the French Riviera, Corsica, Sicily, the Balearic Islands, the Dalmatian coast (Croatia) and the Ionian Islands (Greece). But recently we discovered a wonderful place to rent a boat in Zakynthos that was amazing!

 All these destinations have common points: a rich and varied gastronomy, a mild and warm climate, a historical heritage accessible from the coast and a lively nightlife. 

 Finally, you must know that some rental boats also have a canoe or a rigid or inflatable paddle board on which you can practice and have fun. 

We hope that our article has sparked your interest and you will soon try the boat renting experience.  

 If you are a regular boat renter, don’t hesitate to share with us your experience on this topic in the comments space.