Sea Shepherd, presenting the Conservation Society

by spotmydive

Given the importance and challenges of fighting pollution in all its forms, as well as the abusive exploitation of fauna and flora, many associations have emerged in almost all regions of the world. These associations can intervene in a particular sector or carry out actions in favor of ecology in general. They sometimes exist at the initiative of the government and in most cases at the initiative of benevolent people. These organizations can either operate within a given territory or intervene internationally, as Sea Shepherd does.

About Sea Shepherd

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is an international non-governmental, non-profit organization. It is dedicated to the conservation and protection of marine ecosystems. It has been around since 1977 thanks to the initiative of Paul Watson, a Canadian environmental activist. This international association, based in Friday Harbor, Washington, USA, strives to achieve its goal of conserving marine wildlife and taking action against irresponsible people that can damage marine environments, such as the ones of the best dive sites in the world. The organization combat in many different ways such as fighting against dolphin hunting in Japan, whaling, seal hunting, overfishing, and hunting of pilot whales in the Faroe Islands.

The association’s budget is financed through donations from individuals or generous organizations, including companies and foundations. These people or legal institutions are aware of the importance of gifts we received from nature, such as magnificent diving spots at sea, real botanical garden offering breathtaking landscapes.

Credit: Sea Sheperd

The means available

In order to keep the beauty of the marine world and therefore the most beautiful diving spots in the world intact, Sea Shepherd has a dozen ships, helicopters and drones. Among the vessels used, the MV Steve Irwin, which has been part of the fleet since 2005, is used for whale protection campaigns in the Antarctic. Personalities such as Bob Barker, American producer and TV host, support the actions of Sea Shepherd. In 2009, he donated $ 5 million to the association. This sum was invested for the acquisition of a vessel renamed MY Bob Barker.

Credit: Sea Sheperd

The MV Brigitte Bardot is a ship acquired in November 2010 thanks to the contribution of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation. The organization has also bought the Golfo Azzuro. The vessel has been used in the waters of the Faroe Islands as part of the fight against hunting of pilot whales. The ship MY Sam Simon was previously a Japanese whaler. Its owner offered it as a gift to Sea Shepherd in December 2012. The other ships of the fleet are the Jairo Mora Sandoval, the Jules Verne and the Farley Mowat. In France, there are Columbus Sea Shepherd, BS Sheen, Mike Galesi, Thor and Loki.
Furthermore, the use of drones and helicopters allows overflying an important surface to monitor abnormal activities at the seas and around the best dive sites in the world. This makes it possible to work efficiently and to be highly reactive.

Preserving the riches of nature

Why is it so important to protect the seabed with such tenacity? Simply because the underwater world is full of many treasures of nature that are made up of marine fauna and flora. It is still possible to realize the importance and beauty of marine live by visiting the most beautiful diving spots in the world or enjoy a great diving cruise in the Seychelles. Among the most prominent landmarks is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, which is also a vast coral reef. It extends over 2,000 kilometers and harbors more than 500 different species of fish. Then, The Rangiroa atoll which appears as one of the most exceptional dive spot. Dive spot enthusiasts count Isla del Coco National Park among the best dive sites in the world. This park located off Costa Rica in the Pacific is home to many hammerhead sharks, whale sharks and manta rays. Our partner, Agressor Fleet, does offer great diving cruise around the Coco National Park. The Truk Lagoon is a diving spot worthy of interest because of its hundreds of Second World War’s wrecks of military ships. The Sudan, The Maldives, The Bahamas are among the top destinations to enjoy the treasures of the sea. Adventurers wishing to discover the most beautiful diving spots in the world generally consider the option of a diving liveaboard in the Seychelles.

The Seychelles archipelago consists of 115 islands of granite and coral scattered over an area of 1,000 km in the Indian Ocean. The archipelago is magnificent and deserves a diving trip. It is often recommended to book a diving liveaboard in order to really discover the best part of it. During a diving cruise in the Seychelles, an adventurer can discover abundant fauna, including butterflyfish, trevally, snapper, platax, etc. Also, the sites are full of turtles, rays, nurse sharks, reef sharks … The Seychelles archipelago is also well known for its dive with whale sharks.

Show solidarity for the protection of the best diving sites in the world

The actions of associations like Sea Shepherd require the support and contribution of all. This kind of initiative is to be encouraged for the common good. Thanks to the good gestures of these associations, the fauna and the flora in the depths of the seas are preserved. This encourages the creation of new dive sites and protected marine area that divers would enjoy. All kinds of gifts are therefore welcome.