Massive coral reef discovered on the Amazon River

by spotmydive

Discovery of a mysterious barrier of coral in the Amazon

Four scientists, Fabiano Thomson, Ronaldo Francini Filho, Eduardo Siegle and Nils Asp, have just discovered the reef of the Amazon. This reef, close to the mouth of the Amazon River, extends over 9500 km², about a hundred kilometers from the Brazilian north coast. Hidden by the murky waters of the river, no one suspected its existence, except for a researcher who had already suspected its presence in 1977. The 4 men were able to explore it using a 3-ton submarine, launched with a crane. It took them about fifteen minutes to reach the amazing coral reef, located a hundred meters deep.

An extraordinary biodiversity

Thanks to the images brought back by the submarine, we have discovered the richness and diversity of the fauna: 61 species of sponges and dozens of different varieties of fishes, including an unknown one, the butterfly fish. The latter are essential to the balance of the ecosystem, they serve both as habitat for certain fish and as nutrients for other varieties.

An ecosystem already threatened

This single reef is in danger and will probably disappear very soon because of the oil industry. Total and BP, the two giants of this industry are waiting for the government’s green light in order to drill, 8 km from one of this zones … The drilling will start soon, probably before may 2017. So please, react with us and sign the petition . It’s online and just awaiting for great people like you ! Let’s impact this messed up world !