Greece and its multiple destinations

by spotmydive

Who has never wanted to walk in the footsteps of Ulysses or Achilles? Greece seduces as much by its mythology as by its striking landscapes. Between its mythical islands, its small white villages and its gastronomy, Greece is the promise of a fabulous trip.

You do not have to go far to get crystal clear water because this country will please everyone with its Mediterranean climate, beautiful beaches and beautiful coves. A trip to Greece is synonymous with warmth, gentleness and breathtaking beauty. It also offers the charm of traditional hospitality and the impressive testimony of history richness. Made up of thousands of islands, this cradle of our civilization offers a multitude of possible visits!

Wedged between mountains and the Mediterranean, this country-museum deploys majestic landscapes. Regardless of the type of [MD1] vacation planned, a stopover in Athens is essential to visit the Acropolis, and many other things as Athens is also a city where one feast and where one admires the achievements of contemporary art!

The other major cities of mainland Greece are also full of monuments and lively districts like Alexandropoulos. The Peloponnese region is also rich in incredible sites. So take a good pair of sneakers and a beach towel to discover, around different corners, beautiful little coves … Mycenae and its Lionesses door will help you travel back in time.

However, Greece remains, above all, known for these mythical islands. The choice is almost impossible: the wild spaces of Crete and its spectacular beaches like that of Balos, the big island of Rhodes with its turquoise water and its medieval city overlooking the sea and there are so many others! Arrive by boat on Hydra and travel the island without ever being disturbed by cars. They are prohibited and allow a fairly exceptional lifestyle.

On the island of Corfu, cosmopolitan influences are present and give all its charm to this island. In addition to its pretty fishing villages, Corfu has a lush nature. Hikers and water sports enthusiasts will be delighted.

The list would be endless … One trip is not enough to discover this beautiful country that has nothing to envy the Caribbean. But do not be fooled because Greece is not only a country in which history and archaeological sites are extremely rich. The gastronomy is too and its olive oil is recognized throughout the world. Moussaka, souvlaki, tarama the real one!, Octopus … There’s something for everyone!

Perseus country is to party until dawn and get lost in the streets with unparalleled charm.