Everything you Need to Know About Liveaboards

by spotmydive

Who has never dreamed of boarding on a magnificent boat while practicing his favorite activity? As you have understood, we are going to look here at a specific type of journey which you can practice on every seas of the world, the diving cruise or liveaboard.

What is a liveaboard ?

A liveaboard consist on to board on a ship such as yacht, sailboat or boating catamaran with commercial use, specialised in divers transport and equipped with cabins. The goal here isn’t to transport the passengers to one harbour to another, but to offer a touristic trip on sea with stopping points on the best diving spot of a geographic area. This market experience a strong growth because it offers multiple advantages.

Discover the best diving spots of an area

The obvious advantage is that a liveaboard will bring you to the most remote places, non accessible to dive centers. So you will have the optimal diving conditions without another boat on the horizon and you will be alone with you group underwater. Concretely, you will be able to dive on spots out of reach from the shore because there are many diving sites only accessible on a diving cruise. In that way you have the impression to be an adventurer discovering a new diving spot and in the same to be a real privileged person.

Adventure on sea

Navigation on water, leave the coast from the eyes, give you extraordinary sensations which, for many, offer a way to escape from the everyday routine. Many divers are indeed people living in the city and vacations allow them to reconnect with the pleasure to admire the ocean. In addition, most liveaboards trips will take you to areas of breathtaking beauty.

All-inclusve offer

An obvious reason explains the success of diving cruise : the fact to be on a full board. Don’t need to look for an hotel and restaurants at each stage, everything is included in the price. The cabin will have, if your budget allows it, a bathroom, an air conditionner, a television. the food can vary depending on the standing and the destinations. A lot of professionnels of liveaboard make a point of serving fresh and local products for the expedition to be the more authentic as possible. Each ship offers a comfort and a quality of services often egual to high-standing hotel. In fact, if we settle up, a liveaboard could turn out to be a very good investment for your vacations.

Make beautiful meetings

Except the fact to discover an extraordinary fauna and flora, a liveaboard is also the time to meet some passionates of scuba diving. We have then some very good time to exchange memories, to give some good tips and sometimes to creat real friendship.

Liveaboard : a growing market

Since the development and democratization of the scuba diving, the lovers of those activities looked to travel the seas looking for the best diving spots of the world. At the beginning and at the end of the years 1980/1990, the liveaboard have become one of the most important activities of the scuba diving industry. This market include many actors with very large groups possessing fleets of dozens of ships : Agressor Fleet, Siren Fleet… but also with more modest structures. All of these actors, spread in around 40 countries, fight to propose the best offers, the best services and the best underwater experiences. The diving cruise or liveaboard have beautiful days ahead.