Diving trip in the heart of Burma

by spotmydive

Burma or Myanmar is a famous renowned destination for its many temples and pagodas, its lush nature, its population of remarkable kindness, its historic sites and monuments. For your holidays in Burma, why not discover this country through diving?

Why dive in Myanmar ?

The beautiful seabeds of Burma are still unknown to travelers. However, those who have experienced a diving trip in Myanmar only keen to return there. Indeed, the country is home to some of the most beautiful spots in the world. Its wonderfull sea floor start to attract more and more divers from all over the world, but don’t worry you won’t cross that many tourist. So if you are looking for wild and remote areas just go to Burma and enjoy great diving hollidays. You will be enchanted by the incredible diversity of the underwater landscape of the country of Myanmar. Diving there, you are almost sure to observe white tip sharks, leopard sharks, manta rays, colorful soft and hard corals, many species fish, giant turtles, etc. Still unexplored Myanmar remains a paradise for divers.

Scuba dive in Burma, the best dive sites

Wanna dive while travelling ? This trip will allow you to discover some of the most beautiful diving spots in the world. Among the divesites to be discovered, we note North Twin Plateau. This spot provides excellent visibility for divers. It is especially known for its abundance of pelagic fish. Then you can have a look to High Rock, close to the province of Ranong province of Thailand located in the south of the country and bordering Burma. Diving there you will discover many species of sharks, fishs, caves and a coral garden of rare beauty called “spanish garden”. Night diving is the best time to discover the underwater wonders of this unique dive site in the world. Shark Cave is a well known place in Burma for cave lovers.
So for the next holiday, why not opt for an underwater adventure in Burma? Discover the many faces of Burmese seabed! Scuba divers will love discovering this unspoiled counrty !