Diving on the pilgrimage of Compostela, an awesome project

by spotmydive

Not all roads are easy to reach the same destination, now to arrive to Santiago de Compostela, we will do it by the hazardous Camino de Santiagua.

Who are we?

My name is Adolfo Rodríguez Euskobuzo, I was born in Bilbao close to the river and being the son of a sailor, how could it be otherwise, the saltpeter´s poison is part of my body since I was born. My certificate of diving are 2nd Level of Sports Technician and 2 star FEDAS-CMAS Instructor, although raised in the SSI environment, with 30 years of experience as a diver behind me
After a few years I formed a club of Diving and I´m the President of the Explorer-Sub club in Bilbao. I have been really lucky because I have dived in many of the seas of this world, but this has only increased my love for the sea where I have been raised as a diver, is my Cantabrian sea.

Several years ago, after completing part of the Camino de Santiago and being marked by it, in my head came the idea of attracting divers from all over, as pilgrims, to know and enjoy this wonderful and brave sea. After that, I thought that if I joined my experience as a Xacobeo plus my passion for scuba diving, this could make this dream become true, there when the Camino de Santiagua was born.

It is a project, in which there will be an underwater route, pioneer, of the Camino de Santiago. We will visit the entire Cantabrian coast in a total of 18 stages, in which we will inform the diving centers and clubs to collaborate with us, showing the villages and their people, but above all, the beauty unknown of the Cantabrian Sea to many of divers around the word.

Each of the stages is divided into two activities, diving and trekking, the first thing in the morning the dives will be made in the most emblematic points along the Cantabrian coast and then the distance will be covered to the next town on foot as pilgrims, staying overnight in hostels, hotels in the area or camping out in the floor.

Three wonderful crazy people, will share this adventure with me:

Deva Prendes Atlantida, born in the Cantabric Coast. Instructor PADI and owner of the SpeedyWater diving center in Candás Asturias. She is the founder of the PLASTIC FREE CANTABRICO project, habits and responsible consumption of plastic. She loves the Cantabrian waves to ride on them with her surfboard. Deva also loves the sea above all things, the same from inside as when she is looking at it from its cliffs, when she is calm or when she roars from the storm. So, who is she? Well, she is a slave of the sea.

Mía Mengual Nereida, 16 years diving, an Open Water Advance and cave diver uswell. Athlete since she remembers, rowing, canoeing, marathon, trail, canyoning, climbing and skiing.
Also a lover of the air, he practiced parachuting and finished the certificate of autogyro pilot. Mia is first of all, a woman alive, smiling, full of illusions and every day looking for a goal.

Iker Yraolagoitia Boatswain, the eibarrés of the group, Dive Master PADI, tireless navigator in all the seas, future instructor, with the spirit of teaching all his knowledge to the future Open Water students. Also a universal traveler, we have had the pleasure of sharing spectacular days of diving in many seas of this world and experiences that have taught us to know better the sea.
Finally, is a faithful friend and partner, inside and outside the sea.

Our goal

The most ambitious point of Santiagua, is to be able to capture all the way in an existential documentary Reality Show, so it will be negotiated with different producers and sponsors. In addition to publicizing this project in social networks, we also plan to hold informative talks to raise awareness of the ins and outs of Santiagua adventure. The objective of this project, in addition to the mentioned before, is to place some of monoliths towards Santiago, like San Pedro when placed the first stone in his road, but this time on the buttom of underwater in seven locations:

  • Hondarribi
  • Donosti
  • La Galea Getxo
  • Santander
  • Gijón
  • Ribadeo
  • Coruña

Outside the sea, commemorative monoliths of this event will be placed in those coastal locations of the places they want.

With this we hope to give a more possibility of offer to the diving centers and clubs of the Cantabrian Sea to attract divers from all over the world as “Scuba-Pilgrims” and hope that the Camino de Santiagua will continue to develop over the years and years.
The start of this adventure will began in the Gipuzcoan town of Hondarribia, on July 24, 2019, where we will hold a small event with family diving baptisms, a tent with music and a small photocall, as well as a merchandising sales.

Finally, to say, the kick-off will be, of course, on July 25, 2019, the day of Saint James Santiago Apostol Day.