Discover the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

by spotmydive

Monaco is a principality located at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, along the French Riviera, border city of Italy. This city has a splendid framework, fine sand, hundreds of palm trees, a crystalline water which makes it possible to see many fish as well as multiple zones of diving such that : le toulonnais, le loew’s, catalina, roches à congres or roches st martin. The principality also has oceanographic museum who attracts throughout the year of many tourists.

History of the museum

In 1885, for the first time Prince Albert plans to create a marine biology laboratory after having discovered the results of professor Milne-Edwards. The idea evolves truly during the World Fair of Paris in the 1889.The scientific collections arouse a great interest. The temple of the sea is founded in 1889 by the Prince Albert of Monaco and inaugurated in 1910. The museum has many collections of art and craft industry related to the sea. It is among the 10 most visited aquariums in France with more than 650 000 visitors per year. The purpose of this institution is to transmit to the visitors, the knowledge, sensitizing and the love of the world sailors.

Thousands of marine species

The museum of the sea based on the rock of Monaco contains 90 basins and counts 6000 specimens living between 0 and 85 meters of depth. The aquarium of Monaco has several rooms: Mediterranean Sea, tropical sea, the shark lagoon, the whale room, the caress basin and finally the turtle island which offers visitors a breathtaking panorama. Species threatened by fishing such as: clownfish, the seahorses, cuttlefish, the coral farm or Banggai cardinal fish are kept in this museum.

Virtual dive at the oceanographic museum of Monaco

A dive without getting wet? This is the incredible experience offered by the aquarium of Monaco , you switch your diving mask for a virtual reality mask. The result is amazing for almost 30 minutes, the movie shot during the last expedition of Prince Albert,which is projected in a virtual reality mask.

My opinion on the aquarium of Monaco

In summer 2016, during my road trip in the south of France, I went to Monaco and I had the pleasure of going to the most visited aquarium of the French Riviera “the oceanographic museum of Monaco “. Upon entering I was amazed by the size and beauty of the museum, first I went to the room Mediterranean Sea where I could see the different marine species such as Black scorpion fish, octopus, turbot or Cernier. After I went in the tropical sea room where I could see clownfish, pterapogon but also snakes of coral reefs. Passionate about sharks I was lucky to see that in the shark lagoon where there was a huge aquarium it was amazing. After that I climbed to the top floor and the show in front of me was extraordinary. For the first time of my life I could approach my favorite animals: turtles.

Monaco Aquarium: access, hours and price

If you don’t live in Monaco you can go there by taking different transports :

  • The train which is used to go to the French Riviera
  • The plane which will make you land at Nice Côte d’Azur International Airport less than 40 minutes from Monaco, many airline companies operates flights regular in directions of the airport of Nice.
  • The bus shuttle n° 1 or n°2 in direction of Monaco City to the terminus, Places Visitation. Bus has regular schedules and extends throughout the Riviera. The car is the most used.

-There is no ideal period to leave because the oceanographic museum is open every day except December 25th and the weekend of the Formule 1 from 10:00 to 20:00.

The average price of a ticket is of 16 euros .

Written by Hellena Bembe

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