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by spotmydive

To get to the best diving destinations in the world you often need to book a liveaboard. Indeed great dive sites such as the Similan Island, or certain part of the Galapagos, Kona, Egypt or Belize does not have any dive center that could bring you there.

Beyond the fact that liveaboard are often the best way to fully enjoy exceptional diving sites, it is also a fabulous and friendly experience. Many diving boats are extremely well equipped and have nothing to envy to luxurious hotels.

Among these exceptional boats, the Aggressor fleet is probably one of the most renowned fleets for its impeccable service and its magnificent boats. Spotmydive is proud to be a recognized agent of this fleet, which, for more than 20 years has traveled the seas for the greatest pleasure of beginners and experienced divers . Know however that in terms of diving cruise the demand is greater than the offer. In other words, the vessels are always full and, in general, reservations must be made at least three to four months in advance. Do not hesitate to book your liveaboard in advance to make sure that you have a place for your next diving trip .

This article aims to introduce you to the Agressor Fleet’s best liveaboard. To book a diving cruise and to get more information on the boat and its itineraries, do not hesitate to go directly on the vessel’s page.

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– Bahamas Aggressor

– Belize Aggressor III

– Belize Aggressor IV

– Cayman Agressor IV

– Fiji Aggressor

– Galapagos Aggressor

– Indo Aggressor

– Kona Aggressor

– Maldives Aggressor

– Okeanos Aggressor I

– Okeanos Aggressor II

– Oman Aggressor>

– Raja Ampat Aggressor

– Red Sea Aggressor

– Roatan Aggressor

– Rock Islands Aggressor

– Thailand Aggressor

– Turks & Caicos Aggressor

Bahamas Aggressor liveaboard

  • Best Period : November to may for shark diving and October to January for hammerhead sharks
  • Average Price : 1795 USD to 3510 USD
  • Average Trip length : 7 to 10 days
  • Different itineraries : Exuma Cays Lans & Sea Park, West End Northern Adventure, Tiger Beach
  • Best dive spot seen : Lost blue hole, Hesperus, Sugar Wreck,…
  • Type of fishes seen : Groupers, sting rays, barracudas, hammerhead sharks, Caribbean reef sharks, lemon sharks, tiger sharks
  • Departure port : Old Bahama Bay Resort

Departing from Nassau, the famous Caribbean pirates hideaway, the magnificent boat takes you on a diving trip to discover the famous falls and corals of Exuma Cays and Sea Park. It crosses one of the most famous underwater reserves. The reserve of more than 280 square kilometers and 350 islands shelters an exceptional fauna and submarine flora. You can dive with sharks, rays, groupers, turtles and thousands of butterfly fish and tropical fish. This is probably one of the best liveaboard of the Caribbean.

The Bahamas are beautiful in every season and you will definitely be able to enjoy an aperitif after a beautiful day of scuba diving, watching the sun set over its translucent waters. The Bahamas are composed of nearly 700 islands, of which only 3 are inhabited, and 2500 reefs. The capital, Nassau is located on the island of New Providence and has an international airport. The Bahamas Aggressor leaves Saturdays at 6:00 pm, from the Bay Marina which is pretty close to Nassau Airport.

The M / V Bahamas Aggressor, which is sometime called the “Caraibe Dancer” is 30 meters long and can accommodate 14 passengers. This is a luxury liveaboard that is still at an affordable price. Each of the 5 spacious deluxe cabins has a double bed and an extra bunk if required. The Quad state room has two double beds. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, television and various facilities such as hairdryers and toiletries.

Belize Aggressor III diving cruise

Belize clearly a famous diving destination and it deserves it. The diving sites of Turneffe, Lighthouse Reefs, Painted Wall, Half Moon Caye Wall and Quebrada are breathtaking. The drop offs are literally covered with magnificent colored gorgonians and gilt sponge, among which many eels, lobsters and crabs are hiding. But the most famous site, the one that everyone knows and wants to explore is the Blue Hole of Belize. This magnificent system of various freshwater caverns, about 300 meters offshore and 120 meters deep, was declared by Jacques Cousteau as one of the ten best dive sites in the world . Obvisously the Belize Agressor III brings you to this simply exceptional dive spot.

The luxury liveaboard M / V Belize Agressor III is a 33 meter boat that can easily accommodate 18 divers has well as the staff of 6 people. The ship leaves the dock of the Radisson hotel on Saturday and the Belize liveaboard lasts until the following Friday. Nearly 5 dives per day including one dive at night are offered to divers. The ship has a spacious lounge with a complete entertainment system, a terrace with a hot tub and sun loungers as well as a bar service and nine particularly spacious cabins all of which are equipped with a private bathroom, individual air conditioning and a TV with DVD. The chef is particularly talented and prepares gourmet buffets. All drinks, including beer and wine, are free of charge. The MV Belize Aggressor III diving facilities include a huge diving platform with personal tanks, air / nitrox fillings, rinse tanks and a three-speed cam with low pressure air hoses, rinse tank for camera and E-6 photo lab. Yes, that’s all …

Belize Aggressor IV, Diving boat

  • Best time to dive : All year around
  • Average Price : 1900 USD to 2500 USD
  • Average Trip length : 7 to 11 days
  • Different itineraries : One cruise only
  • Best dive spots : Half Moon Wall,
    Aquarium, …
  • Type of fishes seen : Dolphin, Tarpon, Sharks, Eagle Rays, Walls and Reefs with abundant marine life and multiple macro critters:
  • Departure port : Radisson Ft. George dock

The only difference between the Belize Aggressor IV and the Belize Agressor III is the boat. Indeed, the cruise is the same and the diving sites visited are the same. The fact is that Belize is so much demanded that you have to book at least a year in advance to have a place on the first boat. So, to ensure that divers can book their diving cruise in Belize and be accommodated in the best conditions, the Aggressor fleet has simply built a second boat.

Now, concerning the vessel; The Belize Aggressor IV measures 36 meters. It is therefore a little bigger than its little brother and has 10 rooms that can accommodate 20 divers. Moreover, the ship offers the same standards of comfort and the liveaboard is at the same price. Moreover, the boats leave the same day and return the same day so in practice, if there is no room left for a diving cruise dive in Belize on dates that suit you, do not hesitate to look at the availability of the other vessel.

Cayman Aggressor IV, Scubadiving Cruise

  • Best Period for diving : April to August
  • Average Price : 2000 to 2800 USD
  • Average Trip length : 7 to 10 nights
  • Different itineraries : Only one diving trip
  • Best dive spots : 3 Fathom Wall, Balboa, …
  • Type of fishes seen : Sharks, Turtles, Stingrays, Eagle Rays, Wrecks, Lobster, walls and reefs with abundant marine life
  • Departure port : George Town Tourist Dock

The Cayman Agressor IV is a luxury diving cruised on a 33 meter boat that sails all year round and that can accommodate 18 divers. The itinerary offers to dive on extraordinary dive sites such as Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac but also on the diving wreck of the Russian Destroyer, Bloody Bay Wall, Stingray City, Northwall, Southwall, Kittiwake and Doc Polson. These sites are frequented by turtles, barracudas, eagle rays, reef sharks and many other fabulous fish.

The MV Cayman Aggressor IV has nine recently renovated rooms equipped with private bathroom, window, individual air-conditioning and TV / DVD. In addition, divers can enjoy the large and partly covered terrace and its sun loungers, its hot tub, its bar service and its stereo music player. In addition, all drinks, including wine and beer, are free of charge. The dive trip starts on Saturday afternoon at the George town dock and ends on Saturday morning.

Fiji Aggressor, Oceania Liveaboard

  • Best Period to dive in Fiji : Rainy season, November, April and May
  • Average Price : 2350 USD to 3000 USD
  • Average Trip length : 7 days
  • Different itineraries : Only one diving cruise
  • Best dive spot seen : Nigali Pass, …
  • Type of fishes seen : Known for brilliant soft corals, eagle rays, mantas, turtles, whale sharks, sharks and giant groupers, nudibranchs, anemones, clownfish, and multiple macro critters
  • Departure port : Novotel Hotel’s Dock

The M / V Fiji Aggressor, also known as the Island Dancer II, is a modern liveaboard vessel of 30.5 m. The boat is perfect for those who prefer a more intimate dive trip with just 10 passengers and 5 crew memembers. The M / V Fiji Aggressor has 5 luxury cabins with individual air conditioning and private bathroom. The living room is particularly spacious and equipped with a complete audiovisual system. The solarium offers spectacular views of Fiji.

Aboard MV Fiji, guests will explore the reefs and falls of the Nigali, Wakaya, Koro and Namenalala islands and make magnificent drift dives with eagle rays, manta rays , turtles and sharks are also part of the diving trip. As for the macro in diving, clown fish, pygmy seahorses and a multitude of colorful nudibranchs will dazzle you. With multiple international flights, this is an easy adventure to add to your Digital Logbook

Furthermore, in addition to the diving, Aggressor fleet organizes a visit of a Fijian village on a castaway island, far from the traditional tourist rush. It includes a Kava ceremony and a warrior dance. All guests are required to wear a traditional sulu during the visit of the Fiji village. The Aggressor fleet will provide you with one that you can keep for free after the diving cruise.

Galapagos Aggressor III, Ecuador dive travel

  • Best Period to dive in Galapagos : June to november Hammerhead Shark season
  • Average Price : 4500 USD to 6000 USD
  • Average Trip length : 7 days
  • Different itineraries : Only one dive cruise
  • Best dive spot seen : Wolf Island, Cabo marshall, …
  • Type of fishes seen : Silky sharks, hammerheads and Galapagos sharks
  • Departure port : Guayaquil to take a plane to Baltra

The Galápagos, volcanic islands off the equator, have an exceptional underwater fauna and flora. The multilingual crew members will share with you their in-depth knowledge of these volcanic islands. During the Galapagos livaboard, no less than three islands will be explored through land visits. In addition, two remote islands, the Wolf and Darwin Islands offer exceptional shark diving and can only be explored thanks to a diving boat.

On the MV Galapagos Aggressor III, divers will enjoy the beautiful crystal clear waters, inhabited by large tunas, rays, hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, scorpionfish and many other wonderful fishes. You will be offered 4 dives per day including 2 night dives. This liveaboard for beginners is accessible to all diving levels.

The M / V Galapagos Aggressor III is a 32 meter ship, elegant and luxurious, specially created for the Galápagos. It can comfortably accommodate 16 guests and has eight rooms, all equipped with private bathroom as well as individual air conditioning, porthole and TV. The large sun deck with its shaded patio has a hot tub as well as a bar and an audiovisual system. As for most of the Aggressor Fleet liveaboards , even alcoholic beverages are included and free of charge and the food is delicious and generous.

Indo Aggressor, South Asia liveaboard

  • Best Period : November to March
  • Average Price : 2800 USD to 4800 USD
  • Average Trip length : 7 to 10 days
  • Different itineraries : Raja Ampat, Banda Sea, Derawan Islands, Triton Bay
  • Best dive sites : Pulau Pisang,…
  • Type of fishes seen : Leopard sharks, rays, turtle, groupers, octopus, underwater forest, nudibranchs, …
  • Departure port : Raja Ampat – main port, Tarakan, Ambon Harbor at Ambon city, Kaimana Harbor at Kaimana City

Komodo National Park is most likely one of the best diving destinations in the world. Thanks to the tide of the Indian and Pacific Ocean, the local flora and fauna is extraordinary. As much as an hundreds of different variety of sponges, anemones, whips, cnidarians, gorgones and soft and hard corals can be observed there. Concerning the marine wildlife, we will only mention the majestic gray sharks, tuna, trevally, fusiliers, anthias, Manta rays and pygmy seahorses but believe me, the list is much longer.

Indo Aggressor, also known as the Komodo Dancer, is a 37-meter luxury diving vessel that can host up to 16 passengers. The ship has been especially built for Scuba diving in Indonesia and offers diving cruises to Komodo all year round. Each of the seven cabins has a private bathroom and individually controlled air conditioning.

The luxurious lounge is equipped with a complete entertainment system for divers to watch their diving videos or simply to watch a movie. Meals are prepared and include local dishes and international cuisine. As with most of the Aggressor dive cruises, the food is rich, tasty and the portions are generous. The selection of drinks includes tea, fruit juices, coffee, soft drinks, and a limited selection of local beer and wine.

Kona Aggressor II, diving trip to Hawai

  • Best Period :
  • Average Price : 2000 USD to 2700 USD
  • Average Trip length : 7 days
  • Different itineraries : Only one dive cruise
  • Best dive spot seen :
  • Type of fishes seen : More than 20% of the Hawaiian reef fishes are found nowhere else in the world, including countless Butterfly fish and Angelfish. Other marine species include: Hawaiian Lionfish, Dolphin, Turtles, Mantas, Frogfish and Eels. Humpback Whales migrate through Hawaii November through February
  • Departure port : Kailua Kona

Diving in Hawaii is a must for every diver in United states at least. In addition, underwater topography is volcanic and lava tubes, arches and craters create a landscape that is both magical and desolated. Beyond the night dives with manta rays that are simply exceptional in Hawaii, it is a very rich and varied ecosystem that you can explore and discover on site. It is not surprising that Hawaii is part of the best place to dive with Manta Ray.

The MV Kona Agressor is an exceptional 24-meter-long diving vessel that offers liveaboards in Hawaii all year round. The boat leaves on Saturday at 17:30 and the cruise lasts until the following Saturday morning. During the travel, no less than 5 dives per day will be proposed to scuba divers. The boat, which can accommodate up to 14 divers, has 6 luxury cabins equipped with private bathroom and individual air conditioning. The menu, as for all liveaboards of the Aggressor fleet is made up of local and international dishes. The boat has a large air-conditioned lounge and a solarium with lounge chairs, a bar and a state-of-the-art stereo system.

Maldives Aggressor II Liveaboard

  • Best Period : December to March
  • Average Price : 2000 USD to 3700 USD
  • Average Trip length : 7 to 10 days
  • Different itineraries : Best of Maldives, 4 itineraries / Southern Hemisphere, 3 itineraries / Far South/ Deep South, 2 itineraries
  • Best dive spot seen : Huvadhoo Atoll, North and South Ari Atoll, …
  • Type of fishes seen : Diving in the Maldives is known for its diversity. From tiny nudibranchs and hard to spot ghostpipe fish, through eels, turtles, big schools of snappers, fusiliers and reef sharks to our favorite manta rays and whale sharks seen all year round.
  • Departure port : Male International Airport

The Maldives represents the ultimate luxury diving adventure. The islands, or rather the atolls of the Maldives, are located in the south-west of India and represent, in the collective mind, a peace heaven made of large white sand beaches offering an absolute absence of visual and noise pollution. This paradise, however, is real. Beyond this emerged heaven, the Maldives waters breed an absolutely exceptional underwater population. The Maldives represent a sanctuary, a break, for all the pelagic species that stop there during their migration. The list of fish is far too long to be written here, but you will certainly come across groupers, surgeons, parrot fish, snappers, napoleons, barracudas, fusiliers, manta rays, reef sharks, nudibranchs and maybe you will even be able to dive with whale sharks .

The Maldives Aggressor II is a 41-meter-long vessel with a capacity of 22 divers and offers three different diving cruises. Each of these routes offers a different experience and to get to the detail of the different liveaboard in the Maldives of the boat, please feel free to directly check the diving boat page. Each of these itineraries proposes you to carry out about 4 dives per day including night dives.

The ship has eleven rooms, all of which have a private bathroom, individual air conditioning and an audiovisual system. Do not hesitate to stroll on the large sun terrace on its long chairs or to have a drink at the bar of the deck. As with all diving cruises in the Aggressor fleet, the food is varied, tasty and generous. In addition drinks, including alcoholic beverages are free of charge.

Okeanos Aggressor I, Cocos Island, Costa Rica

  • Best Period for diving in costa rica: Rainy season, mid mai to late november
  • Average Price : 2500 USD to 4700 USD
  • Average Trip length : 7 to 10 days
  • Different itineraries : One diving cruise only
  • Best dive spot seen :
    Bajo Alcyone, Dos Amigos,…
  • Type of fishes seen : Whale Sharks, Schooling Hammerhead Sharks, White-tip Sharks, Tuna, Manta Rays, Turtles and Giant Frogfish
  • Departure port : Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Escape for a diving trip in the Cocos Islands . Enjoy scuba diving in Costa Rica and dive with hammerhead sharks on Cocos Island, or dive with whale sharks at Caños Island or with bulls sharks in Bat Island. Cocos Island, located 550 kilometers off the coast of Costa Rica, is one of the most exciting diving destinations in the world. The great pinnacles of Cocos attract many pelagics and to name but a few, you will certainly dive with manta rays, hammerhead sharks, white-tipped sharks and even whale sharks. If weather permits it, an escapade ashore is planned to venture into the jungles of Cocos and swim in its many tropical waterfalls.

Liveaboard Okeanos Aggressor is famous among divers for its comfortable rooms and excellent service. You will wake up and be invited for a great breakfast with fresh fruit, hot dishes, cereals and freshly squeezed juices. Lunches are served buffet style and diners are prepared by the chef and include salads, vegetable, meats and homemade dessert and bread. The Okeanos leave from the port city of Punteranas. Transfers from San Jose are included.

Okeanos Aggressor II, Costa Rica Liveaboard

  • Best time to dive in costa rica : 15 of mai to 30th november
  • Average Price : 2300 USD to 5100 USD
  • Average Trip length : 7 to 10 days
  • Different itineraries : Only one liveaboard itinerary
  • Best dive spot seen : Same as Okeanos I
  • Type of fishes seen : Whale Sharks, Schooling Hammerhead Sharks, White-tip Sharks, Tuna, Manta Rays, Turtles and Giant Frogfish
  • Departure dock : Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Experiencing a diving cruise on Cocos Island is so demanded that the Aggressor fleet had to build a second scuba diving ship. The itinerary is the same as for the first Okeanos and you will be able to discover the same diving sites and, like the first cruise, you will be able to swim with whale sharks and manta rays.

The Okeanos Aggressor II, also known as Wind Dancer, is a 36.5m long vessel that sails throughout the year to help you discover the best dive sites on the island of Cocos. All underwater dives are made from a small boat very well equipped and designed specifically for scuba diving. The ship can accommodate up to 22 guests in these 11 luxury cabins, all equipped with private bathroom, television and individual air conditioning.

Oman Aggressor diving cruise

  • Best Period :
  • Average Price : 2700 USD to 3400 USD
  • Average Trip length : 7 to 10 days
  • Different itineraries : Daymaniyat Islands, Musandam Peninsula, Hallaniyat Island, Daymaniyat & Hallaniyat
  • Best dive sites : Al Munnassir,…
  • Type of fishes seen : Manta rays, whale sharks, dolphin, abundant reef fish life, multiple macro critters, Mola Mola, Mobulas, sharks and beautiful coral reef diving
  • Departure dock : Jebel Sifah Marina, Khasab Port, Salalah Beach Marina

Diving cruises in Oman are simply fascinating. Due to its geographical position in the Arabian Sea, Oman has a unique underwater fauna. You can cross a multitude of eels, scorpion fish, nudibranchs, leopard sharks, eagle rays, Manta rays, barracudas and even whale sharks and mola mola. More than 1000 different species of fish inhabit this sea now protected from intensive fishing.

The Oman Aggressor is probably the largest and most comfortable boat in the fleet with nearly 45 meters length for only 22 passengers. It offers 7-day liveaboard on four different itineraries. The 11 cabins have been very well appointed and each one has a private bathroom with a large panoramic window, bathrobes, hair dryer, clean towels, a private air conditioning system and a 32-inch screen with more than 400 films available.

Raja Ampat Aggressor, Indonesia dive boat

  • Best Period to dive in raja ampat : All year around
  • Average Price : 2700 to 5200 USD
  • Average Trip length : 7 to 10 days
  • Different itineraries : Raja Ampat, Derawan Island, Banda Sea, Triton Bay
  • Best dive sites :
    Magic Mountain,…
  • Type of fishes seen : wobbegongs, epaulette sharks walking sharks, nudibranchs, pipefish, seahorses, frogfish, scorpion fish and the list goes on
  • Departure port : Depends on the cruise

The name Raja Ampat or ’Four Kings’ is the name given to these beautiful islands of Indonesia and comes from a local myth. Raja Ampat includes nearly 1,500 islands, 600 species of corals, 600 species of molluscs and nearly 1,500 species of fish. The area became sacred for divers as, in 2002, it officially became the richest marine biodiversity on the planet . The best way to dive in Raja Ampat is to book a liveaboar in Raja Ampat. Cruises usually explore four main islands that make up the four kings: Salawati, Batanta, Waigeo and Misool. In Raja ampat, you can dive with black and white shark reef sharks, carpet sharks, benthic sharks, manta rays, turtles, dolphins and many other fascinating fishes.

Raja Ampat Aggressor is a diving cruise ship 30 m have been built specifically for Indonesia. The boat can accommodate up to 16 passengers in 8 private cabins which are all equipped with a bathroom and an air conditioning system. The boat also has a large lounge and a solarium with long chairs.

Red Sea Aggressor, Egypt dive cruise

Thanks to exceptional visibility and its 1000 different species of fish, of which 20% are endemic, the liveaboards in Egypt are sometimes considered as the best scuba diving cruises. The difference between the deserts of lifeless sand and, a few hundred meters, the seabed teeming with a thousand species is striking. Corals and small species benefit from the powerful sun that floods them with solar energy. Small anecdote, it is one of the only places in the world where the Coral withstand heat and global warning and thus, thanks to a mutation, does not whiten. Moreover, diving in the Red Sea is particularly known for its wreck dives from the Second World War.

The Red Sea Aggressor offers two different liveaboards in the Red Sea. The first one will allow you to visit the famous diving sites brothers, daedalus and Elphinstone while the second one will focus on the southern dive sites such as saint john or daedalus. The diving vessel is over 36.5 meters long and can accommodate up to 20 passengers in its 10 spacious rooms equipped with private bathroom, individual air conditioning and a TV. Drinks, including beer and wine, are complimentary. Nothing beats a small cocktail in the jaccuzzi or on the deck chairs of the solarium while admiring the sunset. The vessel is departing from the Marina Galib of Marsa Alam.

Roatan Aggressor, Honduras liveaboard

  • Best Period : All year around
  • Average Price : 1700 USD to 2500 USD
  • Average Trip length : 7 days
  • Different itineraries : Only one itinerary
  • Best dive spot seen : Mary’s Place, Black Hills, …
  • Type of fishes seen : Remote sea mounts, wrecks, plunging walls, beautiful coral reefs, turtles, moral eels, Southern Sennets, manta rays, whale sharks and more.
  • Departure port : Romeo’s Restaurant in French Harbor, Roatan

Off the coast of Honduras, Roatan is one of the best diving destinations in South America . The Cayman Pit offers divers the opportunity to explore magnificent drop-offs, sparkling of thousand colors reefs, as well as cave dives for all diving levels. The area is particularly known for its whale sharks, dolphins and magnificent black corals. The dive site of Mary’s Place is extraordinary and only accessible with the liveaboards of Honduras. The diving spot is basically a wide and deep crevasse covered with corals, gorgonians and sponges which are inhabited by multiple seahorses, lobsters, octopuses and banks of multicolored fish.

Since early 2017, the magnificent Roatan Aggressor, a 37-meter siving vessel, criss-crosses the Bay Islands of Honduras. This magnificent ship can accommodate nearly 18 divers in 9 independent cabins. All cabins come with a double bed, private bathroom, hairdryer, bathrobe, air conditioning and a state-of-the-art audiovisual system. The food is plentiful and snacks are served between dives. In addition, all drinks, including alcoholic beverages are included in the price of the diving cruise. Finally, a magnificent lounge bar, spacious and particularly well decorated, will offer you, at the end of the day, to sip an aperitif while watching the videos of your dives. The boat also has a dining room and of course a beautiful sun terrace with, as a bonus, a whirlpool.

Rock Islands Aggressor & Palau Aggressor Micronesia Oceania

  • Best Period : September to May
  • Average Price : 3100 USD to 4900 USD
  • Average Trip length : 7 to 10 days
  • Different itineraries : Only one liveaboard diving trip
  • Best dive spot seen :
    Blue Corner, German Channel, …
  • Type of fishes seen : Known for grey reef sharks, white-tip sharks, manta rays, cuttlefish, Mandarin fish, WWII wrecks and stingless jellyfish at Jellyfish Lake
  • Departure port : Neco Marine Malakai Harbor in Palau

The Rock Islands are the beautiful islands in the shape of mushrooms and covered with vegetation that can be seen on all touristic brochures and postcards. The MV Rock Island Aggressor offers a great castaway, far from the usual touristic routes. In addition, these beautiful islands are packed with magnificent WWII wrecks, shark diving sites, blue holes with translucent waters, lakes filled with diamond-colored jellyfish and caves to explore while diving.
Bascially, the dives there are not too difficult but even the experienced divers will be amazed for sure. Be aware, however, that some sites have a strong current and although dives are accessible at all levels, beginners divers may be surprised by the drift dives.

M / V Rock Islands Aggressor, also known as Dancer of the Tropics, is a 32 meter dive boat that host liveaboards trip in Micronesia all year around. You will be able to dive up to five times a day including one to two night dives, for 5 days and a half. All dives are made from a very spacious and well equipped independent small boat. Aggressor teams will welcome you upon arrival at Palau airport.

The diving vessel, which can accommodate up to 18 divers, has 9 luxury cabins, each featuring private bathroom, storage and individual air conditioning. The onboard menu features a variety of American and local cuisine. Soft drinks, beer and wine are free. Guests can also relax in the well-appointed lounge and enjoy the solarium with sun loungers, bar and CD / stereo.

Thailand Aggressor, latest diveaboard

  • Best Period : January, February, March
  • Average Price : 2500 USD to 3100 USD
  • Average Trip length : 7 days
  • Different itineraries : Only One diving trip
  • Best dive spot seen :
    Similans islands, Richelieu Rock, Koh Tachai,…
  • Type of fishes seen : Whale sharks, Mantas, Leopard Sharks, Silvertip Reef Sharks, Walls and Reefs with over 500 species of hard and soft corals and abundant marine life :
  • Departure port : Tap Lamu Pier

M / V Thailand is a 35 meters liveaboard diving boat that can accommodate up to 16 passengers. Departing from Phuket, often called “Pearl of the South”, the ship invites you to discover the north and south of the Andaman Sea. Close to the equator, the Andaman Sea enjoys a tropical climate all year round.

For divers, the real treasures of the Andaman Sea is hidden underwater, in some of the most famous dive sites such as Similan Islands, Phi Phi Islands, Richelieu Rock, Hin Daeng, Koh Raja and Shark Point. There, you will be able to dive with manta rays , leopard sharks and the legendary whale shark. In addition, the richness of aquatic life will enchant submarine photographers and marine naturalists.

Agressor offers up to five dives per day including some extraordinary night dives. All the dives are made from an independent, spacious and well equipped diving boat.

MV Thailand Aggressor has 8 spacious rooms equipped with private bathroom, shower, TV and individual air conditioning.Soft drinks, iced tea, beer and wine are free. Guests can relax in the air-conditioned lounge and enjoy the solarium with jacuzzi, long chairs, bar service and CD / stereo.

Diving Itinerary – From May to October, the ship will take the South Andaman Sea route, stopping at dive sites such as King Cruiser, Shark Point and Anemone Reef. From November to April, the Thai aggressor will offer alternative routes between the Andaman Sea and the South Sea of Andaman.

Turks & Caicos Aggressor, diving with humpback whales

  • Best Period : April to december
  • Average Price : 2000 USD to 3300 USD
  • Average Trip length : 6 to 7 days
  • Different itineraries : One scuba diving boat trip only
  • Best dive spot seen :
    Nothern Drop Off, …
  • Type of fishes seen : Sheer walls with health corals, Orange Elephant Ear Sponges, Gray Reef Sharks, Angelfish, Eagle Rays, Horse-eye Jacks, Lobster, Snapper, Garden Eels, Nurse Sharks and lots of macro life
  • Departure port : Providenciales PLS International Airport

The luxurious liveaboard Turks and Caicos Aggressor II offers two different diving adventures. From January to March, you can experience the ultimate experience, diving with humpback whales. Yes, diving and not just swimming with whales or seeing them from far while snorkeling. Indeed, these extraordinary animals migrate every year and they always pass by Turks and Caicos. It’s just amazing! They leave from Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. From April to December, you will be able to dive into the wonderful drop-offs of western Caicos inhabited by reef sharks, eagle rays, lobsters, snappers and many other tropical fish.

The M / V Turks and Caicos Aggressor II is a world-class 36.5 meter diving boat, that can comfortably accommodates 18 divers, and from which, you can carry up to five dives per day including some night dives. The boat has 7 spacious rooms all with private bathroom, storage and individual air conditioning. Soft drinks, iced tea, beer and wine are free. Guests can relax in the air-conditioned lounge or enjoy the solarium with jacuzzi, stroll on the sunbathing chairs or have a drink at the bar.