5 best dive sites in Cozumel

by spotmydive

The Caribbean Sea is as surreal for its incredible landscapes as its unique marine biodiversity. In the wide choice of holiday destinations, the particular island of Cozumel is attracting attention. This island of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, in front of the famous Playa del Carmen has always been a delight for beginner or experienced divers. With a protected natural park for 20 years, fauna and flora are particularly abundant. On the program, you will have the opportunity to appreciate majestic eagle rays or impressive sailfish swordfish. If you are there in June and July, you will also have the chance to come across whale sharks.

To book with confidence and at a lower cost, Scuba Tony specializes in diving in Cozumel. It’s the reference agency on the island! Scuba Tony offers dives and diving lessons. It is also possible to book a boat for experienced divers for a day or a week. Scuba Tony takes you to all the best dive sites on Cozumel Island. All Scuba Tony guides are PADI certified dive instructors. All dives are user friendly and safe.

Following the advice of Scuba Tony dive instructors, we have put together a short list of the 5 most beautiful dive sites in Cozumel.

Santa Rosa Wall

This is surely one of the best diving spots in Cozumel. This site is full of small caverns inhabited by moulted crustaceans and fish. You can see many aquatic species such as majestic manta rays, sea turtles and giant groupers. Being one of the most popular sites in the area, the flip side of this location is that it is very popular.

Punta Sur

Full of underwater caves and caverns, the Punta Sur site is best known for hosting Devil’s Throat. This underwater cave is a difficult place, including for the most experienced divers. Nevertheless, the challenge is worth the visiting since this site has a unique topography. It’s probably one of the most spectacular sites for the most experienced divers.


With its giant coral columns and magnificent rock formations, the Columbia site is unique. It houses an amazing cave. You can see barracudas, sea turtles, or fish surgeons. Only the Columbia Shallow Reef is accessible to all. The other two are for experienced divers.

Punta Tunich

This dive site is one of the shallowest of all those on Cozumel Island. It is therefore suitable for beginners. It is full of life! Divers can meet there many sponges, corals and sea turtles. If luck is with you, nurse sharks sometimes spend time in that area.

Paso Del Cedral

This beautiful reef is home to an incredible flora and fauna. Corals of striking color make this diving site almost magical. You will meet the typical fish of the region including angels’ fish. This spot is accessible for beginner divers. Paso Del Cedral is known for lovers of underwater photography.

This is just a small glimpse, as the island of Cozumel is full of dive spots that are just as unique as each other. The Barracuda Reef where we can cross leopard rays and of course barracudas. The pretty dive site of Las Palmas is ideal to pass a first level of diving. In short, Cozumel is aimed at all those passionate about the seabed.