10 of the best dive spots in Alor

by spotmydive

The best place to dive away from mass tourism in Indonesia

Alor and its archipelago are located in the south-east of Indonesia. Accessible by plane, the destination is not yet the target of mass tourism. This peace haven has many assets such as its magnificent and well preserved landscapes, its still rustic villages and its beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

Of volcanic origin, the islands of Alor offer a great variety of diving sites with steep drops-off, pinnacles lined with anemones and nudibranchs and colored coral reefs. The surrounding waters are particularly rich in nutrients and favor the development of many species, from immensely large ones such as blue whales or large pelagic, to cutely small such as nudibranchs or leaf fish.

Kal’s Dream

Kal’s Dream is probably the most famous site in the area. It is a large pinnacle known for its barracudas, its immense moray eels and black tip sharks. It is also visited by large hammerhead sharks. Some say that the dive spot has lost its interest but the site remains spectacular thanks to its very colorful corals and the great variety of fish. Moreover, the site is not dived a lot and you could manage to dive alone with your dive master.


Located south of Alor, the site has the peculiarity of having relatively high temperature differences. Sometimes surface water is 27 ° Celsius while thirty meters’ deep waters are 13 ° Celsius. It is one of the very rare dive spots of Indonesia where you might be able to observe very beautiful Thermoclines. The site has many colorful corals. Moreover, it has a rich fauna composed of scorpion fishes, marbled rays, sea serpents. Be sharp because some amazingly beautiful bamboo sharks and blue rings octopuses inhabit the site. Macro fans will prefer to check for seahorses and leaf fish hiding amongst the multi-colored corals.

Current Alley

Current Alley, as the name suggests, is a high-current diving spot. The immense drop-off is the playground of many large fishes like hammerhead sharks, immense trevallies, Grey sharks, reefs blacktip or whitetip sharks, imposing dogtooth Tunas, trevally, and magnificent Napoleons. The dive spot is also visited by majestic devil rays and eagle rays. A must for pelagic enthusiasts.

Clown Valley

The diving spot Clown Valley, located just a few hundred meters from the village of Apuri is famous for being the dive site with the highest concentration of anemone in the world. The drop off descends gently, allowing the diver to observe calmly the bright colors and to look for the small nudibranchs, shrimps and lobsters that hide on the site. Stay nevertheless attentive and sometimes raise your eyes to see the magnificent thresher sharks and Mola-Mola that sometimes appear out of the blue.

Great Wall of Pantar

This dive spot, sometimes called Bamah Wall is probably the best drop off of Pantar, near Alor. Its walls are full of orange and pink sponges in the midst of which many Anthias are lounging. You will also be able to find big fishes such as the huge trevally, the Napoleon and the humpback parrot fish, which is a rare and popular species among divers. For macro photography lovers, nudibranchs, leaf fish and shrimp will also be part of the game.

Wolang Cave

This cave site is located south of Alor and is made of two magnificent caverns. The first is inhabited by whitetips sharks and has a large room in which the divers can emerge. The second cavern is lined with sponges and inhabited by numerous fishes, lobsters, crabs, and nudibranchs.

Red Wall

Wonderful drop off of nearly 35 meters, Red Wall is renowned for its underwater volcanic activity. You will see many small red craters from which escape small gas bubbles. You will observe magnificent sea bream, nudibranchs, sea snakes and fusiliers.

Max’s Point

This site is very special because, from one dive to another, you might find it exceptional or without interest. Indeed, the interest of the latter lies mainly in its exceptional fishes and pelagics which pass regularly on the dive spot whose presence depends on many factors. With a little bit of luck you will be able to observe observe large marbled rays, magnificent unicorn fishes, imposing Mola-Mola and even dolphins and gigantic blue whales.

Shark Galore

This dive spot and its relatively low current allows the divers to make a serene and contemplative drift. The site is inhabited by large grey sharks as well as dog-toothed tuna and white-tipped sharks. Depending on the conditions, you can combine the dive with Clown Valley. The latter, as specified above, has the highest concentration of anemone in the world and deserves a ride.

The Arch

This site has all the attributes of an exceptional dive spot. Indeed, it is structured around an immense geological formation in the form of an arch nearly ten meters high. This wonderful natural masterpiece houses a varied fauna and rich flora.

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