10 good reasons to go diving in Bali

by spotmydive

If we had to list all the reasons why so many visitors fall in love with Bali, a whole day would not be enough to do so! Among the 13,000 islands of Indonesia and more, the Bali star shines more than the others in the firmament. Its tropical climate, relaxed atmosphere, idyllic beaches, rich cultural heritage, spicy food and extraordinary seabed make this island, a unique destination that manages to disorient even the most discerning traveler. There are 10 major reasons why you must go diving to Bali. Let’s look at them one by one.

1. Exceptional biodiversity

Bali is located in an area called “Coral Triangle” which, as its name suggests, is an area rich in coral reefs concentrating the largest marine biodiversity in the world. Diving in Bali allows you to admire very healthy and varied coral reefs, to observe beautiful gorgonians, many sponges but also to contemplate hundreds of species of tropical fish.

2. Pelagic

Divers also travel to Bali hoping to swim with manta rays and moon fish.
Several diving sites in Bali can observe Manta rays all year round; the best-known being “Manta Point”. On this dive spot you will have a 90% chance to cross at least one during your dive.
The moon fish is, meanwhile, one of the strangest creatures in the underwater world. The heaviest bone fish, its wingspan sometimes exceeds 3 meters. It is regularly seen on the Crystal Bay dive site between August and October.
Other large pelagics are found in the rich waters of Bali such as white tip reef sharks and black tip reef sharks. Other residents of the Balinese waters, the napoleon fish, barracudas and other bigeye trevally reach in this region of the world, beautiful proportions.
Finally, sea turtles are observable all year round on a large majority of Bali’s dive sites.

3. Macro photography

For lovers of macro and underwater photography, the waters of Bali are full of colorful little creatures. Open your eyes so you can see ghost fish, leaf fish, frog fish, pygmy seahorses, flaming cuttlefish, and even the extraordinary mimetic octopus. Expect to also discover rare species of nudibranchs that will be beautiful subjects in your photo collections. Three places focus the attention of macro divers: Menjangan Island, Secret Bay in Gilimanuk in the North West of the Island, and Seraya Secret near Tulamben. The wreck of the Liberty see below is also home to some specimens of pygmy seahorses.

4. One of the most beautiful wrecks in the world

This American cargo ship requisitioned by the army during the Second World War was sent to the Pacific in 1942 and torpedoed by a Japanese submarine off Lombok. After being stranded on Tulamben Beach in 1963, the eruption of Mount Agung caused the ship to slide on a sand slope that partially dislocated its structure. Located on a sandy bottom of volcanic origin this wreck is one of the most beautiful in the world. Located near the shore, the vessel is shallow to make it accessible to as many people as possible.
A real garden has been formed around the wreck, consisting of giant sea fans, multicolored anemones and superb crinoids which attracts a wide variety of fish, the largest: white tip sharks, turtles, barracudas, jackfish, batfish , napoleon, balistes to the little ones: nudibranchs, pygmy seahorses, leaf fish, ghost fish … An unforgettable dive!

What is the best dive center in Bali?

There are many diving centers in Bali offering a wide range of services. If you are looking for a friendly, professional dive center with a wide range of activities, Dune Atlantis Bali located in Sanur on the south coast of the island is an excellent choice. The instructors and divemasters are passionated, qualified, friendly and always smiling! No worries, they will share with you their tips and you won’t miss a dive. Dune Bali is equiped with brand new diving equipement : Aqualung, Technisub, Seaquest and Mares. If you’re dreaming of Bali, if you want to dive the best with the best, this is the right place for you!

5. Beaches of Dreams

A dream destination of excellence, Bali offers a wide range of beaches that will satisfy all tastes and desires. There are beaches with translucent waters to relax in the sun Jimbaran, Nusa dua, beaches with big waves, ideal for surfers Seminyak, Kuta and volcanic beaches of black sand Amed.

6. Tourism hub in the region

Bali Island is located between the islands of Java and Lombok. It is therefore the ideal starting point for those wishing to explore the region in more detail.
To get to Java from Bali, the best option off the plane is to go to Gilimanuk, on the northwestern tip of Bali, where a ferry going to Java is available. From there, you can climb the slopes of two of Indonesia’s most beautiful active volcanoes: Bromo Volcano and Kawah Ijen Volcano.
To the east, the Gili Islands are connected to the island of Bali by many ferry companies from the port of Amed, Padangbai, Sanur or Serangan. These islands are an invitation to travel and change of scenery. The neighboring island of Lombok, located at a 1.5 hours ferry ride, also has many points of interest. It seduces with its peaceful atmosphere, natural and conducive to relaxation.
Finally, for those lucky enough to stay longer than two weeks in this region, it is possible to fly to Labuan Bajo in less than 1.5 hours and explore the Komodo Natural Park.

7. Legendary Hospitality

Most of those who have stayed in Bali consider the Balinese to be the friendliest people they have ever met. Going to meet people, making new friends is easier here than anywhere else.

8. Culture

Bali has an exceptional culture, because of the richness of its heritage, the diversity of its creation, the vitality of its artistic scene and the authenticity of its lifestyle. This original culture is undoubtedly one of the elements of the island’s tourist attraction.
Balinese architecture alone is worth the trip and is found in every construction, from the beautiful temple to the simple habitation.
Traditional dances are among the most spectacular manifestations of Balinese art. Discover the magic of the Legong, Barong and Ketchak shows.
As far as Balinese gastronomy is concerned, the food is like the inhabitants: rich, surprising, varied and colorful. Do not miss Urab, Ayam batutu, Bebek betutu and Babi Guling, stuffed and roasted pig.

9. Surf

This must be said loud and clear: Bali is one of the best destinations in the world for surfing. At the end of the 60s, groups of surfers set about counting the best spots on the island. There are now a good dozen of surfing spots. The most famous are Uluwatu, Kuta, Padang Padang and Keramas.

10. Volcano

Indonesia has about 150 volcanoes. Bali counts some beautiful specimens. If you like volcanoes and climbs, this is a must-see destination in the Indian Ocean. Bali has several peaks over 2,000 meters high, the highest being Mount Agung 3,142 m, active volcano dubbed “mother mountain”, Bratan 2,153 m and Mount Batur 1,717 m.

If you have been to Bali before, or if you want to go there, do not hesitate to share your questions and your testimonials with us within the “comments” section.