What are the Weirdest Sharks Species in the World ?

by spotmydive

If you thought you knew everything about sharks, that’s a terribly wrong idea ! Did you only know there are
465 species recorded. Here are the strangest and unfamiliar of them.

Frilled Shark

Barely approached by men, this shark remains one of the most mysterious. It captures its prey by bending its body and leaping on them. Its expandable jaw is able to swallow large catches and its teeth, as sharp as razor blades, prevent its target from escaping. But don’t worry, it only feeds on squids, bony fishes and other small sharks, not to mention that they also live between 200 and 1000 meters deep.

Greenland shark

We still know little about this cold-water shark. In order to preserve its energy for hunting, it rarely exceeds a swimming speed of 1 kilometre per hour. Moreover, this shark has a most unfortunate companion. From birth til death, the Greenland shark progressively loses sight as a parasitic crustacean devours its cornea.


Even in the sharks family there are kings of camouflage. This carpet shark lurks in the sand and uses its tail as a lure to catch prey.

Goblin Shark

This shark uses its snout as a metal detector. They slowly drift down into complete darkness until they come across their prey, which they then entirely swallow before the prey has a chance to realise what is happening.

Australian ghostshark

In New Zealand, Australian ghostsharks are commercially exploited, particularly during spring and summer when they migrate into shallow coastal waters.

Dogfish Shark

This shark’s skin is as rough as sandpaper.

Epaulette Shark

This small shark spends most of its time on sandy bottoms. After the tide steps back, it is able to “walk” on its adapted pectoral fins, moving from tidal pool to tidal pool, looking for food.

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