What are the 10 fastest fish in the world ?

by spotmydive

In 2009, Cesar Cielo became the fastest swimmer in history breaking the 100m-freestyle world record 46’91 with an average speed of 7.7 km per hour. This feat is remarkable from a human point of view but it remains far away from aquatic champion’s standards. Here’s our selection of the true king of Speed.

10. White shark and Orca

48 km/h

Those two large predators share a top speed of 48 km per hour. The great white shark is the largest fish predator and without doubt the most known. It can measure up to 6 meters long and weigh 2 tons. The orca is a mammal considered as a super predator which measures about 6 meters long and can weigh more than 4 tons.

9. Tarpon

56 km/h

This fish mostly lives in West Africa lagoons and close to the Atlantic coast of South America. It weighs from 70 to 180 kg and have a maximum size of 2.5 m. Besides it can live nearly 50 years. It is highly prized for the sporting aspect of its fishing, jumping out of the water when touching the bait.

8. Flying Fish

60 km/h

The Exocet also called flying fish has developed pectoral fins that allow it to jump out of the water and float a little while. During this flight, the flying fish can at least double its speed and reach 60 km/h. These hovers spread over lengths of 30 to 50 m, but flights of several hundred meters had been observed.

7. Bonefish

64 km/h

Bonefish is a popular fish for fishermen because of its fighting spirit. It moves alone or school. The bonefish eats shrimps and snails that it finds in the shallow bottoms. It can reach 10 kilos and measured up to 1 meter long.

6. Mako

70 km/h

The mako shark is an excellent swimmer. It has very large gill slits and a nearly symmetrical tail fin which, added to its large size 3-4 meters, allow it to reach high speeds. This shark is also known for the beauty and height of its out of water jumps up to 6 meters high.

5. Bluefin tuna

74 km/h

This fish is well known among fishermen and gourmets for its tender and delicate flesh. It is also considered as an extremely powerful fish coupled with an exceptional swimmer. Weighing up to 700 kilos and measuring up to 9 meters, its hydrodynamic shape and acceleration capacity is higher than a Porsche car.

4. Wahoo

86 km/h

This fish is sometimes mistaken with great barracuda or king mackerel. It can measure up to 2.50 meters with a maximum weight of 83 kg. Usually solitary, the black Wahoo is a carnivore fond of others small fishes and squids.

3. Marlin

80 km/h

The marlin swordfish has a spur that can measure a third of its length. This sword allows the fish to stabilize its position in the hunt, and to finish its prey. Marlin weighing up to 900kg and measured 5 meters. Again, it’s a coveted fish in recreational fishing due to its extraordinary power.

2. Swordfish

90 km/h

The name “swordfish” comes from the Italian word spadone which means “great sword”. Swordfish has an amazing feature, it has a special organ near the eyes allowing it to warm his eyes and his brain 10 to 15 ° C following the temperature of the water. Swordfish can grow up to 4 meters long and reach 500 kg.

1. Indo-Pacific sailfish, The Fastest Fish In The World

110 km/h

The indo-Pacific sailfish is the fastest fish in the world. Its name comes from the sail-like fin it has on his back, that it folds when swimming deep to reduce its water resistance. It is a pelagic, meaning that it swims far offshore rather than into shallow waters. It can cover large distances, but his endurance is relative. It can weigh up to 100 kilograms and measuring almost 3 meters.

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