What Are the 10 Best Dive Spots in Madagascar ?

by spotmydive

Madagascar is a fantastic island that contains many mysteries whether on land or under water. Positioned between Africa and Asia, in the heart of Indian Ocean, the island is a paradise for nature lovers and scuba divers. Diving spots are world renowned as they are among the rare destinations where whale sharks, manta rays or marine turtles.

From the surface, marine mammals lovers will observe dolphins playing and whales. There are 56 types of sharks, 34 types of whales and dolphins and 5 of the seven species of marine turtles. The best diving sites in Madagascar, which are still relatively uncrowded, are located in the northwest of the island, mainly around Nosy Be.

D’autres récifs coralliens sublimes bordent les petites îles de Nosy Komba, Nosy Sakatia, Nosy Tanikely, Nosy Miitsio et Nosy Iranja et sont accessible par bateau depuis Nosy Be. Other sublime coral reefs can be found around the small islands of Nosy Komba, Nosy Sakatia, Nosy Tanikely, Nosy Miitsio and Nosy Iranja and are accessible by boat from Nosy Be.

Diving in madagascar allows you to admire an incredibly diverse marine life and stunning underwater scenery.

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What are the best dive sites in Madagascar?

Nosy Tanikely

Sud de Nosy Be

Cette réserve marine, appelé localement « Aquarium naturel », est situé à 6 miles d’Ambatoloaka est très prisé des centres de plongée de Nosy Be. L’île de la petite terre abrite un récif corallien somptueux, riche en couleurs et d’une très grande richesse notamment en raison de sa position stratégique, au croisement des eaux chaudes tropicales et du fleuve Sambirano. Ses caractéristiques uniques ont permis le développement d’un grand nombre d’espèces dont des tortues imbriquées, des mérous et même des requins léopard. La faune riche et dense comprend aussi : raie aigle, raie pastenagues, barracudas, murènes, Poisson Lion, thons, Poissons lézard, Platax, Loches, Poisson scorpion, Langoustes, Baliste, Poissons feuille, Poissons crapaud… La flore quant-à elle est essentiellement composée de coraux durs rouge et noir. Les éponges et autres gorgones complètent ce magnifique tableau.


South Nosy Be

On this beautiful wall, it is not rare to cross from the surface and sometimes under the water whales. However, you will have more chance to meet reef sharks, devils rays, groupers and barracudas.

Le banc du Chameau

South de NosyBe

This dive site includes two plateaux covered with hard corals including deer horns, porites, soft corals but also gorgonians. In this coral garden, there are giant schools of lutjans, fusiliers, surgeons fish, groupers, barracudas and also other pelagic species.

Greg Wall

South NosyBe

This dive site is very famous for its breathtaking wall. We start on a plateau at 13 meters deep until arriving at the edge of a steep falling down to 80 meters. At 35 meters on the wall covered with gorgonians you will finds the entrance of a submarine cave 15 meters long. If you want to explore it, a dive torch is essential because inside the darkness reigns.

Mitsio Wreck

South de Nosy Be

This vessel, a former trawler turned into a 18 meters shrimp boat, was sunk by divers in 2006 to create a new artificial reef. Many operators have added this dive spot to their dive program because is located only 15 minutes away by boat. Resting right on a depth of 28 meters, this wreck gradually becomes a sanctuary for life. There are morays, rays, barracudas, grouper, scorpion fish, bat fish, trunk fish, puffer fish, flying scorpion fish, frog fish, nudibranchs and other crocodile fish.

Gorgonian Forest

South East Nosy Be

This dive site is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in Madagascar. This spot also called “the enchanted forest” is situated 5 minutes away from Nosy Be on a rocky plateau. Between 10 and 20 meters, an aquatic forest composed of magnificent and imposing gorgones, black coral, sponges offers a striking landscape. Numerous turtles, some of them enormous, surround the area, so it is not uncommon to meet one or more during your underwater tour. Underwater photographers will love to encounter seahorses, crocodile fishes and small spotted rays.

Le grand banc Extérieur

Nosy Sakatia – West Nosy Be

This extremely famous dive site is famous for shark lovers. We are not only talking about reef sharks but also hammerhead sharks and even whale sharks in certain periods. This 20 meters drop off, covered with hard and soft corals is amazing and full of fishs: grouper, tunas, morays, puffer etc. This dive site is accessible to beginners and advanced divers.

Banc de l’Entrée

West Nosy Be

For all divers meeting a Manta Ray is a dream. At Manta Point, the chance to dive with one of these magnificent creatures is almost 100%. This “cleaning station” offers a spectacular show for divers. The cleaner fishs, await those majestic giants all day long, that is why the chance to meet whale sharks, devil rays and tuna is huge. The high concentration of plankton in this area makes it an ideal place for pelagic fishs.

The 4 brothers

Nosy Mitsio – North Nosy Be

This impressive dive site, located southwest of the Mitsio Islands an archipelago north of Nosy Be consists of 4 monoliths. This dive spot offers submarine cliffs up to 20 meters deep, rock formations and underwater cavities in which many incredible species are hidden: rays, lobsters, crocodil fish. This excellent dive caters for all levels of divers.

Banc du Petit Castor

About 8 miles from the Mitsio Archipelago, this submarine plateau is lined with superb coral tables. A spectacular fall goes down to 60 meters deep and hides a lot of fishs on its cavities and crevasses full of gorgonians. White tip sharks, gray reef sharks, barracuda and mackerel are commonly seen.