Top 3 Snorkel 2019

by spotmydive

What is the best snorkel 2019

Want to know what is the best snorkel? It’s great, you’re in the right place.

A snorkel is plastic tube that allow you to breath at the surface of the water, very simple, isn’t it?

No! It’s more complicated than you think, ff you do not want to regret your purchase please read our article.
Want to have the best snorkel for you, who will not let in water every five seconds, which is comfortable and will resist for years to your underwater adventures? Whether diving, snorkeling, freediving or spearfishing, the snorkel is an accessory you will need. There are several models, but how to choose it well? To help you, here are our top 3 of the best snorkels for 2017.

The AMEO Power Breather

The Ameo Power Breather is by far one of the best snorkel in 2017. When using it you breathe in 2 different tubes only fresh air. This snorkel revolutionizes the way we breathe underwater. Unlike “normal” snorkels the air exhaled by the swimmer is not expelled through the tube but directly through a valve located under your mouth. Good news, no more shortness of breath and better performance, you will swim longer and faster!

Moreover, no more water entering the system, the Powerbreather waterproof system is impressive thanks to its innovative valves fixed to the end of the tubes that prevent water from entering the snorkel.

This snorkel fits securely on the head with its twist lock system and the mouthpiece is both flexible and adjustable.

The price of this snorkel depend on the model. There are 3 different models ranging from 89 € to 124 € we recommend it greatly to all the fan of sea swimming, sportsmen, free diver and people in love with new technology.

The Easybreath, snorkeling mask from SUBEA Decathlon

The Easybreath is the first snorkeling face mask. It covers the entire face and is equipped with an antifogging respiratory flow.

Breathing through the nose and mouth in a natural way.

It offers a panoramic field of view at 180°.

A device clogs the top of the snorkel, preventing water from entering it.

It is suitable for all, even for children over 10 years old, and is offered in 2 sizes that fit all face shapes. If you just want to have fun and admire the fauna and flora without thinking about your snorkel here is our advice.

It is available at decathlon for 29€99

Cressi Dry Premium

The new Cressi snorkel has a mechanism that allows the instantaneous and total closure of the mouthpiece to prevent water entering during your under game. Its shape is ergonomic and will give you maximum comfort. In addition, its water trap allows you to purge water very easily. This snorkel is ideal if you have a small budget only 19.99 euros and if you want an accessory for snorkeling.