LIveaboards, the 10 best diving cruises for Advanced open water divers

by spotmydive


Located 342 miles 550 kilometers off the west coast of Costa Rica, Cocos Island is particulartly famous thanks to its amazing hammerhead sharks. It is one of the best place on earth to dive with hammerhead sharks. To get there, you’ll be able to book a liveaboard and start the journey from a port or harbor on the continent. A magnificient journey of 30 hours will then start to bring you to this magnificients islands, lost in the pacific. The strong currents are attracting many different species of pelagics such as mobula rays, manta rays, hammerhead sharks and sometime even whale sharks. The current is pretty strong and this destination is only for advanced divers.

A tiger shark parade plus silvertips, mantas, a whale shark and more scalloped hammerheads than you could count!


Famous among divers and non-divers alike, the Galapagos Islands is a must do destination above and below the water. Unlike Cocos Island, you can dive in the Galpagos if you are a beginner diver or from a dive center directly but the best diving areas such as Wolf Islands and Darwin Islands are only accessible with a liveboard in the galapagos and the best dive sites of the galapagos are usually restricted to advanced divers. On a diving cruise in the galapagos, you’ll see amazing scenery dotted with blue-footed boobies, playful sea lions, schools of hammerhead sharks, feeding marine iguanas, diving penguins and much more amazing fishes. Galpagos is definitly one of the best diving destination for advanced diver but keep in mind that, in order to fully enjoy it, you better book a diving cruise.

Amazing video from the liveaboard aggressor fleet, partner of Spotmydive. Grey sharks, eagle ray, marine iguanas, diving penguins.


Easy to reach, at least for americans, Hawaii’s comfortable blue waters abound with marine life. Humpback whales can be seen from shore, and dozens of manta rays surround divers during night dives. Everyone knows that Hawai is one of the best place on earth to see manta rays during the night but not everyone knows that Hawai has much more to offer such as amazing cave diving, night diving and wreck diving. Hawaii has it all, particularly around the famous diving desination Kona. These islands are magical but you’ll want to explore them by liveaboard and have your Advanced Open Water certification in order to fully enjoy the trip.

Superb video of Kona Aggressor, partner of spotmydive. Diving in the midst of beautiful corals, schools of dolphins, octopus, turtles and of course a wonderful night dive in Hawaii.


Out into the Pacific, Mexican territory holds two of the best liveaboard destinations in the world. Guadalupe is one of the best destination to see great white sharks, where divers descend in open-top cages in order to see this safely this amazing predators. But you should also know that the strong currents surrounding the Revillagigedo Islands, also called the Socorro Islands attract humpback whales, manta rays and hammerhead sharks. In order to reach those two great diving destination you will need to book a liveabord in mexico and it will take you 20 to 25 hours from the mainland. Furthermore, both of those amzing location requires some experience. Indeed in order to dive those islands, you will need an advanced open water and at least 20 fun dives.

Amazing wall dive with withe tip sharks, manta rays, WHALE SHARK and hundreds of jack fishes. Contact us.


Probably the most famous place on earth for liveboard diving, this country has more than 13,000 islands and, thus, is best explored by liveaboard. From Raja Ampat to Ambon and Komodo, there are plenty of exotic itineraries throughout this island nation. Some areas has the weirdest macro life you’ve ever seen while others are home to large whale sharks, mola mola, manta rays, and other pelagics. In Alor, you would even have a chance to dive with tresher sharks and, on Clown valley, you will see the highest concentration of anemons on earth. Underwater volcanoes, black sand seabed and gorgeous soft corals are just a few of the dive environments found here. You could spend a whole year diving in Indonesia and still have many diving sites to discover. While most of the dives are beginner-friendly, liveaboard in Indonesia generally include current-heavy and deep dives, which represent a perfect diving safari for advanced divers.

Wonderful video of the diving cruise ship Waow in Indonesia. On the program, a scuba dive with dozens of Manta raies at the Manta Ridge diving site. Contact us directly.


With 26 natural atolls and thousands of dive sites, the Maldives is one of the best destination for a diving cruise. White sand banks and luxury yachts dot a landscape of sapphire-colored sea in this magnificient country. Below the surface, a network of pinnacles and channels attract hammerhead sharks, manta rays and whale sharks among hundreds of other reef-dwelling creatures. While these seas may appear peaceful, diving in the northern and southern sections of the Maldives can be challenging due to the geography of the atolls. Most liveaboards in Maldives these areas require guests to have logged at least 50 dives.

An amazing video of a liveaboard for experienced divers on the deep south itinerary. On the program, a small cocktail during the sunset in the diving ship’s jacuzzi, as well as magnificent encounters with eagle rays, reef sharks, thousands trevallies, dolphins, manta rays, gray sharks and even a superb night dive with two whale sharks.


Home to 600 species of fish, 300 species of coral, 11 species of shark and 13 whale and dolphin species, Tubbataha Reef Natural Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated 93 miles 150 kilometers southeast of Puerto Princesa in the Philippines. The only way to reach this series of shallow coral reefs and sheer drop-offs is by liveaboard. There are so many pristine dives sites surrounding these two atolls that you’ll need at least a week to get your fill! While some of the liveaboard in Philippines can be booked by Openwater Divers, the best diving cruises are for advanced divers.

Diving cruise in Tubbataha with the Siren. Great cave diving, beautiful encounters with barracudas, gray sharks, fox sharks, napoleons, whale sharks, manta rays, nudibranchs, crustaceans and beautiful corals. Just that !


Known as the “Soft Coral Capital of the World,” Fiji’s outer reefs boast strong currents, creating some of the best shark and pelagic dives in the world. Fiji is a must-dive destination for advanced divers. Recommended dive sites include the the world renowned Beqa Lagoon, Shark Reef and Viti Levu Coral Coast. While land-based diving is possible in Fiji, a dive charter will certainly allow for more exploration of unique and uncrowded dive sites. Furthermore, the liveaboard in Fiji are usually of great quality.

Great video on the Fiji Aggressor, partner of spotmydive, with manta raies, nudibranchs and much more on the world capital of soft coral.


With a rare variety of dive environments, Palau is wild and beautiful with wrecks, sheer walls, high-speed drifts and blue holes. The dive site called Blue Corner is worth the journey alone. Here divers attach themselves to the wall using a reef hook in order to watch huge numbers of pelagics drift by, including lots of sharks. While Koror is the main hub for the islands, many of the dive sites are over an hour away by speedboat. To get the most out of your diving trip, you’ll want to book a liveaboard in Palau.

Liveaboard in Palau with the Palau Aggressor 2.


Egypt’s Red Sea is a destination for all scuba diving levels, but the excellent southern dive sites offer an off-the-beaten path alternative to those near Sharm El-Sheikh. St. Johns, Daedalus, Brothers, Fury Shoals and Elphinstone are among the best dives sites on earth. Diving cruise of Egypt sailing Deep South itineraries are large and comfortable, providing a range of luxuriousness. On the whole, the sites in southern Egypt are more suitable diving charter for advanced divers. Many operators stipulate a minimum of 30 dives as these areas are deep and can experience some strong current. Also keep in mind that Egypt is probably the best cheap liveaboard destination on earth.

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