Christmas Gift, Best Ideas for Divers

by spotmydive

Finding Christmas gift ideas can often be a difficult exercise whether you are a scuba diver or not. You are mostly looking for a gift that your friend will use, love or simply make him laugh. No worries, Spotmydive is here for you! We find the most original gifts for scuba diver. All you have to do now, is choose.



Looking for an Awesome Map to hang on your Wall?









+ Very decorative  

+ Wide range of prices


With the code: SPOTMYDIVE, get 10% DISCOUNT.


Offering a decorative object can be a challenging task. Yet with the Awesome Maps, there is no doubt, it is a must have. They will easily embellish your house, living rooms or bedrooms or bathroom. Our favorite Awesome Maps map difficult to say it is there beautiful world dive map featuring all the best dive spot worldwide. If your friend are not a scuba diver, you must check their other product, you will surely find your happiness in the other sections. Personally, I also love the World A-Z Scratch map.

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Would you like an original, warm and comfortable pair of slippers? The SHARKY™ slippers are soft and pleasant to wear, you will never want to leave them.





Own the moment









+ 360° shots  

      + A very simple video editing

      + Original views modes

      + A maximum resolution of 5.7K at 30fps or 3K at 100fps


The Insta 360 brand returns this year with a new high-performance 360° action camera. The camera 360 Insta One X brings a breath of fresh air in the making of video films. Its accessories allow you to take extraordinary shots. A fun camera that will make you an outstanding director with its easy editing software.

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carry with you the power of the oceans










+ So cute 


Do you miss the sound of the swell and waves?
Are you looking for a discreet and elegant ring to wear on all occasions that also shows your attachment to the aquatic world?
Discover this superb handmade ring in gold, pink gold and silver colors at an excellent quality/price ratio.



This bracelet is handmade from durable nautical rope with a stainless steel anchor that can be adjusted at all wrists.



You’re not like everyone else and you want to make it known? Well, it’s time to stack all the odds in your favor with this sublime printed t-shirt. Made of cotton, it combines softness and lightness. Available in 7 sizes from XS to XXXL.



We all have a diving friend around us who looks like this. This time it’s time to tell him with a good dose of humour thanks to this sublime printed t-shirt. Made of polyester, it combines softness and lightness. Available in 6 sizes from S to XXXL





Built by divers for divers









+ DCC™ – Depth Color Correction – No need for filters  

+ Easy sharing via the IOS application

+ Depth Rating 250 meters without a housing

+ No fog, never

+ 3 hours battery in 1080p/30fps and 2 hours in 4k/30fps

+ Shock resistant and no problem with really cold water


This is THE great novelty this year. The Paralenz is a mini underwater camera that meets the expectations of the most demanding divers. We were lucky and had the chance to test it before everyone, and we are proud to say that the Paralenz Camera is by far the most complete camera for scuba divers. Here some more information about this jewel of technology. The Paralenz camera, small and handy, is therefore a perfect Christmas gift for your scuba diver friend, be sure he or she will bring it for his next dive trip.

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The water bike









+ Easy and simple to assemble  

+ Lots of fun

+ Not tiring

+ Really small can be carried easily


You have certainly not missed this year, the buzz around this curious aquatic bike. With the desire to revolutionize the experience of swimming under water, engineers have imagined the Seabike, a funny bike propelled by a propeller that is operated through a pedal. The Seabike, this underwater bicycle appears as a really fun alternative to traditional diving fins with quite impressive performances. With this product you can reach a maximum of 8 kilometers per hours and save up to 30% of your energy. Easy to assemble, the Seabike offers a unique and original aquatic experience that will not fail to make you jealous. The Spotmydive team had the chance to test it and we had a lot of fun using it. Moreover this incredible bike is not only for divers, snorkelers and kids will love using it staying at the surface with a mask and a snorkel looking for fishes and underwater beauties. Trust us this is a unique gifts if you want to impress everyone under the Christmas tree!

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This small diving bottle charger will help you if your phone runs out of battery during the day. Small, compact and discreet, it holds in the pocket. A practical and useful christmas gift for scuba divers.




Always drink water before diving









+ Water is key 


Whether hiking, traveling, or even working, it is important to have a gourd to rehydrate. TANKH2O is a 100% BPA-free stainless steel gourd with an eccentric diver’s bottle look. With its flashy yellow color, this diver’s gourd it is definitely a winner.


Powerbreather AMEO


The best snorkel in 2018









+ Breathing 100% fresh air  

+ You inhale and exhale through completely separate channels

+ Best swimming performance

+ No water in the tubes


You are looking for an original snorkel and, at the same time, at the cutting edge of technology. Do not search anymore, the Ameo Powerbreather snorkel has become the must have for snorkelers, free divers and swimmers. It is probably the best snorkel ever made. With two tubes positioned on each side of the head, the Powerbreather snorkel solves the two major problems associated with conventional snorkels. It delivers a constantly renewed fresh air thanks to a valve located in the middle of the mouth and a system of innovative valves preventing any drop of water from entering the tubes. If you like to swim head in the underwater without thinking of anything else than your performance and your technic, this product is made for you or for your swimmer’s friends. Settle in, focus on the rhythm of your swimming, and go the distance. No turning your head, no clearing your snorkel. This product will ensure you to breathe as naturally in the water than on land. And if you still have a doubt, we can certify the quality of the product, we tested it many many time in a lot of different situations and today we are bringing it with us for all our trips.

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A beautiful dive computer watch that fits your style









+ A customizable look  

+ Simplicity of use

+ A color screen

+ The Suunto app to track and share your dive


The D5 is the latest watch-style dive computer from the Finnish brand Suunto. Not only this computer watch can be worn everyday but it can still adapt to your look with many interchangeable bracelets silicone or leather with 4 different colors. With this touch of originality, you will quickly attract attention under and out of the water. Moreover, the attachment system, very clever, was designed so that the bracelets can be changed in a few seconds. The Suunto D5 dive computer watch is elegant to wear and highlights many advantages: a particularly simple use, a weight reduced to 90 grams, a high visibility color screen, waterproof up to 100 meters, a wireless pressure indicator to the bottle, a digital compass and a Suunto app designed to help you relive your underwater adventures and share them with your friends.



Magnet fishing the right way









+ Explore the underwater world 


Want to search the bottom of the water in search of “treasure”, but also to clean up the waterways?
The magnet fishing is fashionable, discover MAGNETO + the super powerful super magnet capable of pulling loads of 150kg.
Delivered with a 10 meter resistant rope