7 of the largest and biggest fresh water fish

by spotmydive

Bored of whales, great white sharks and mantas ? You should definitely dive in fresh water with some real monsters.

N°7 Stingray

1.5 meter, 300kg 

Stingrays’ spur has a potentially deadly poison, and like their cousins the sharks they are victims of their bad reputation. Indeed there is very few reference to official deaths. Moreover they can reach impressive sizes.

N°6 Alligator Gar

2.5 meters, 320 kg 

Aside from the jaw and the diet, this fish has no real similarities with the alligator, but still you have to be careful not to be bitten. This fish has been around for over 100 million years, and is very popular within sports fishermen, the gourmet chefs. Most surprising, some use its scales to create jewellery.

N° 5 Giant Cat Fish Mekong river

3 meters, 300 kg 

Nothing to do with fluffy cats, this fish is the biggest and the scarcest of its kind. This monster from Thailand is threatened with extinction.

N°4 Araipama

3 meters, 300 kg 

Some tribes still use the tongue of the largest freshwater fish of South America as a sanding tool. It is also famous for its armour, indeed its scales prevent it from being bitten by piranhas.

N°3 Bull Shark

4 meters, 315 kg 

For all of you guys, that flee the ocean because of sharks bites…Do you know some sharks swim very well in fresh water !!!

N°2 Chines Paddlefish

7 meters, 1 500 kg 

This primitive fish can reach supernatural sizes. They use their rostrum as a metal detector to flush out their prey in the sand.

N° 1 Sturgeon fish

7 meters 20, 1 521 kg 

Not only being the largest caviar producer and existing for more than 245 million years. This fish holds the current record for the biggest freshwater fish ever caught. You can find another sturgeon fish secret in ’13 of the world’s longest living marine species’.

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