Why do rays leap through the air?

by spotmydive

To be honest, even scientists do not have the answer for that question. But there is many hypothesis proposed by expert :

  1. Those jumps could help rays to get rid of parasites and remoras also called suckerfish, fish that use suction cup to stick to bigger animals that made them suffer.
  2. By doing big leaps, school of rays may communicate with isolated individual trying to indicate their location in order to help them to join the group. Indeed, by jumping all together, rays produce a sound perceptible from miles away.
  3. Others have another theory. Rays could congregate and jump to seduce their partner.
  4. What about fun ? May be rays jump only for fun, like dolphins surfing waves or cat playing with ball of wool? Animals also have the right to spend great time with friends.

Nevertheless, for whatever reason, thousand flying rays off the coast of California remains a breathtaking show.

This footage shows mobula rays jumping above water, up to 2 meters high. So know, let me ask you the same question, why do rays jump? Share your suggestions in the comment section.