What’s the difference a sea lion and a seal ?

by spotmydive

Could you recognize a sea lion from a seal? How to discern one from the other?

– The sea lion has visible ears, while the seal does not, the seal only got ear canal.

– The sea lion, got an elongated snout and visible canines, a bit similar to a dog’s head

– Their way of moving, both on land and on the water is also different.

Those 2 mammals, with their streamlined body, large eyes and mustache are often confused. However, some physical characteristics can differentiate them easily.

On land, the sea lion is much faster as it can stand and his fins, while the seal can only crawl.
Underwater, the sea lion uses her fluke to swim while the propels itself underwater.

Ready to recognize them now? You just have to go in South Africa to observe sea lions and to arctic waters to meet the seals.