This whale just saved a seal

by spotmydive

Are whales the angel of the sea?

Whales, majestic animals, will surprise us one more time. Scientist just discovered that whales protect seals and other marine species against killer whales attack. The following facts have been reported in 2009 by the biologist Robert Pitman.

Whale saving seal

Many stories of seal saving were observed. Once a seal chased by killer whales climbed on pack ice trying to escape from his predators. That’s when two whales swoop down on killer whales and scare away!
One week later, another rescue is made. This day 10 killer whales try to catch their prey, a poor Weddell seal. The seal take shelder on floe but the killer whales manage to drop it in the water.

But that is not counting on the arrival of a whale that passes under its body taking the seal on its belly, and using its fin to prevente it from slipping into the water ! Other similar facts was observed from the north Pacific to Antarctica. By now humpback whales have been seen rescuing Mola Mola, Californian sea lions, other whales and seals.

Credit: John Durban/NOAA

How to explain whales attitude ?

Why humpback whales put themselves in danger to protect animals not belonging to its species? Is this a selfless behavior ? Are whales feeling compassion for the animals that they save? Scientists believe that this is a strategy from whales to discourage Orcs to attack their babies. Others favor altruism or the maternal instinct, some even imagine that such behavior would tighten family bonds and educate their young by instilling the concept of tolerance! Everything is possible, we just have to remember that whales cry out their dead…