The Glowing Firefly squids of Toyama Bay in Japan

by spotmydive

The firefly squid is a small cephalopod only 8 centimeters big. It owes his name to the blue bioluminescent light that come out of him. Actually he got glowing organs on its tentacles and eyes.
Every year, from march to June, on the Toyoma bay, japan, you can assist to an amazing phenomenon. Millions of firefly squids are leaving the depths to breed at the surface.

Un incredible underwater phenomenon

At night, The blue sparkle they produce is a magical show. In the spring, this event is a delight for all, thousands of tourists come to contemplate it. Unfortunately, fishermen take advantage of the opportunity and collect tons of squid… Japanese love their taste. But human are not the only one to take profit of this magical visit from the depth, birds come to gorge themselves with the delicious flesh of these little mollusks. The only loser in this case is the squid, but who cares : ?