The blue whale, the largest whale in the world

by spotmydive

The blue whale is the biggest animal in the world and the heavier on earth. Quite difficult to bit it, it weight 110 tons for 24 meters long. The biggest blue whale recorded was 190 tons big and measured 30 metters. On the sub species Balaenoptera musculus, some whales could weight even more, between, 200 and 220 tons, whether 40 elephants together … yes, that is huge.

Whales, queen of records

Except is gigantic size, this mammal collect other awards such as:

  • – Biggest heart 600 kg,
  • – Biggest tongue 2,7 tons
  • – Longest penis 2,4 mètres.

however, the blue whale is not the longest creature in the world. The Lion’s mane jellyfish is the longest animal in the world with tentacles that could grow up to 40 meters. Blue whale cannot be the number one on all criterion!