Talk to dophins, possible soon ?

by spotmydive

Do dolphins talk ?

We’ve know for a long time that dolphins communicate with one another using sound – specific clicks and whistles – to convey meaning and share their feelings of joy, dread, fear, etc. Dolfins also have larger and more complex brains than human ones. Today a big step forward has been taken with a study showing than dolphins have a ‘highly advanced’ spoken language and carry out conversations like humans!

For the study, researchers from the Karadag nature reserve in Ukraine recorded the acoustic sounds of Yasha and Yana, two Black Sea dolphins, with an underwater microphone that could distinguish between different sounds the mammals made. The analysis of the recording showed that each pulse was a word in the dolfin’s language, and that Yasha and Yana could create sentences of up to five “words”. The animals would take turns producing pulses and clicks without interrupting each other suggesting that each of the dolphins listen to one another before replying. This ressembles a conversation between two people!
Unfortunately, scientists don’t know yet what these words are or the meaning of the conversation! Scientists’ next objective is to understand how dolphins speak to each other and to be able to respond back to dolphins in a way that they understand!

If you are lucky enough to dive with dolfins, you may have the opportunity to chat with them!