Something in the Water Is Feminizing Male Fish

by spotmydive

Spanish scientists have studied mullets fish in France and the conclusions of this study are surprising!

Indeed, pollution present in the waters of the oceans are disturbing the hormonal balance of male fish, feminizing them. The study found immature eggs in their testicles, as well as vitellogenin a protein that exists only in females in their liver and brain. Another fact, those fishes have also less male hormones and produce less spiggin, a protein secreted by the kidney and used to construct the nest hosting eggs.

This pollution comes from plastic, medicine and pesticides… Water treatment cannot filter them, which explains their presence in the treated water!
If this phenomenon is not controlled, a decline in births is to be feared. And at the end it may turns in the extinction for some species. A control of waste is therefore essential! Time for our government to take the good choices.