Sea mussels, world’s greatest glue ?

by spotmydive

An amazing glue

Did you know that the mussel glue is the strongest glue in the world ?
This mollusk produces a silk, the Byssus, which allows it to stick to the rocks.
This substance has properties that make scientists dream:

  • – It is not sensitive to temperature variations.
  • – It resists UV and salt.
  • – It even sticks under water.

The best natural glue in your store soon?

No, this adhesive is not yet used!

Fortunately, scientist have looked at its properties and try to reproduce its performance. The biomedical engineering professor, Phillip Messersmith, and his team, managed to create a synthetic version of the byssus.
This glue will, according to him, repair bone fractures, reconstruct the tissues of the human body, suture wounds…
Synthetic byssus has a bright future ahead, and we will soon hear about it in scientific reviews. Let’s follow this very closely.