Scientists Film Rare Ruby Sea Dragon For The First Time

by spotmydive

The Phyllopteryx dewysea, nicknamed the ruby sea dragon, come from the family of the leafy dragon and the common sea dragon and is also the cousin of the hippocampus. He was intriguing, widely talked about, but he had never been seen before! It’s finally done! A small robot has indeed proved its existence by filming it, 50 meters deep, in Australia. This discovery thus confirms the researchers of the Scripps Institute California of Oceanography’s theory that a third species of dragon of the seas existed. This incredible little goldfish has a tail, just like the hippocampus, which is used to grab things when the sea is agitated. The only remaining thing to do now is to declare it as a protected species. “I wonder why I bother to invent fantastic animals”, wrote J.K. Rowling on Twitter. Do you agree with her?

The Three known species of sea dragons picture’s credit : Stiller and Al