Punk rock turtle, the reptile with green hair

by spotmydive

This incredible turtle, with its green punky haircut, was discovered and photographed by an Australian photographer Chris Van Wyk, while diving in the Mary River in Australia.

Turtle Punk, A very strange turtle

Moss grew on its head giving it this incredible look. The Mary River turtle, Elusor macrurus is an endemic turtle from the Mary River in Australia. Its elongated shell, red, brown or black, can measure up to 50 cm. Its belly is gray. The tail of the male is long, almost 2/3 of the carapace, and flattened. Its large back legs allow it to swim fast. Another feature, it has long barbels under the mandible and can breathe underwater through gills! Omnivorous, it eats algae but be careful, adult males can be aggressive with humans. Unfortunately this species is endangered, may the pictures of Chris Van Wyk change a belief.

© Chris Van Wyk  
© Chris Van Wyk