Lionfish a threat to the mediterranean sea?

by spotmydive

Originary from the Indian Ocean, the Pterois miles or lionfish, is part of the Pterois volitans family. It has extremely venomous spines, its stings can generate intense pains and dangerous discomfort for mankind. This species, which is really invasive, was introduced in Caribbean reefs by men and led to an ecological imbalance.

Lionfish, an invasive species?

Encountered for the first time in 1991 on the Israeli costs, this species quickly developed then, and can now be found on some Mediterranean costs. We have absolutely no idea of how did this fish moved from a place to another or if it had been move by the Suez Canal or if it came from some kind of aquarium. Its capacity of reproduction is very fast: 30 000 eggs every 4 days, all year long. This fish raised some concerns and seems to enjoy the global water warming.

This voracious and carnivore fish don’t have any predator anymore. Besides, even sharks hesitate to attack it, and this constitutes a real disaster for the ecosystem. The reduction of the number of groupers is also a consequence of its existence in the Mediterranean waters.

Can we eat the Pterois miles?

There is still one good point: this fish is excellent once in our plates and you can already find it in some Caribbean or Cyrpiot restaurants. Only have to fish it now!