Legendary Sharks

by spotmydive

What to say about the shark except that it exacerbates our primal fears and unimaginable fantasies, it is like talking about the big bad wolf to a child: he will panic! In terms of statistics, we are more likely to be hit by a car than to be devoured by a shark but nobody wants to be part of the statistics “bad luck” …

Aphrodisiac Virtue and Myths: Shark Fin

If the shark unleashes the craziest rumors, the traditions have hard skin and for millennia a civilization eats shark to increase its sexual performance … Yes China is at the origin of this trade and they use very creatives remedies to boost their sexual vigor. Favors of shark fins soup is the expensive dish consumed on special occasions, to propose to his guests in company is the mark of a deep respect … the shark pays unfortunately at his expenses the price of this remedy. They put in peril the shark species to improve their sexual performance … To overcome infertility and helplessness, many Asians trade this new manna and triads control these new flows at gold prices. This barbaric method Shark finning is therefore to fish for sharks by recovering only the fins and then throw them back into the water without killing the beast: when the predator becomes an easy prey you imagine the carnage … … Good for those who think that the fins do miracles nothing is proven it’s just an ancestral legend that holds an all-powerful force for concrete you head on the little blue pill, arginine or ginseng it’s more effective but this is another article … For pro ecolo know that this famous fin soup will be banned of the official chinese meals within 3 years since the environmental NGOs put the pressure on these unjustified massacres … …

The most dangerous shark: predator versus simple human carelessness?

I’m not going to describe you an idyllic portrayal of these aquatic predators, a shark is not a faithful labrador or a little cat on the net too kawai, some species are really dangerous.

Most dangerous shark

Five species stand out and are particularly dangerous for humans: the great white shark, the tiger shark, the oceanic shark, the great hammerhead shark, the bulldog shark has done some damage. The tiger shark is certainly the most dangerous shark because it deliberately attacks marine hunters and sometimes bathers without provocation, he is responsible for most attacks on humans in the tropics.
This predator feeds on everything: waste, wood, plastic or metal waste, carrion …

Shark attack: triggers

As you understand, « Jaws » is only an apocalyptic scenario but if the sharks are time bombs there are triggers that you can avoid. If you are not a surfer lying on his board, the shark will not confuse you with his favorite luxury meal: the seal ! The victims of shark attacks are often underwater, hunters who carry their preys on them and have a smell of blood that emanates from them and the surfers. In general, the shark avoids the man, if you’ve been attacked it is usually because of food stimulation and therefore the smell of blood that will attract them: if you stay near the coast you really reduce the risk to get to know sharks too cloose… Not dangerous for diver, much more for surfers. .

Preconization et vigilance

If shark fins still pay the price of traditional Chinese medicine it is because of magic legends, if some doctors recommend this recipe is to restore vigor because of technical failures of all kinds. The shark is an extraordinary species and depending on its group, it may not be dangerous. Yes you understand, the sharks of « Jaws » are a very special cast! Sea and mountain are exhilarating, dangerous adventure places. Deciding to climb the mountain without following a guide’s instructions is like diving with sharks without a monitor and ignoring their proper safety instructions. Just like Icarus if you approach too close, you could burn your wings. So save the sharks without going too close … Whatever our fears, the disappearance of sharks would be a terrible natural disaster for the balance of the marine ecosystem: let’s be vigilant.

Written by Florence Fifi