Is the parrot fish good or bad for coral reefs?

by spotmydive

Parrot Fish Can Save Coral Reefs

The coral reefs are in great danger, for half a century, half of them have already disappeared and the rest is battered! Everything is not lost, the coral barriers could be saved by the parrotfish that play the most important role in their development. This multicolored fish is a herbivore, which grazes the algae that invade the corals and asphyxiate them. But this is not all, not only it eliminates killer algae, it also reduces the dead coral hidden in sand, using its jaws. He participates in the maintenance of the reefs by cleaning the corals.

Intensive Fish Parrot Fishing

Unfortunately parrotfish are threatened by intensive fishing in the Caribbean, so they will likely disappear, causing coral reefs to die within 20 years. It is therefore urgent to act in order to limit the fishing of parrot fish, and thus save the coral reefs.