How Much of the Ocean Is Whale Pee?

by spotmydive

Are we swimming in the whale pee?

When you are scuba diving or snorkling, have you ever thought that Ocean are also the toilet for billions of fish, crustaceans and marine mamals ?

What is the amount of urine produce by a whale ?

According to Joe Roman, a biologist at the University of Vermont, it is very difficult to know the daily amount of urine emitted by a whale. By studying quantities expelled by other large mammals, such as sei whales 627 liters and fin whales 974 liters, we can just make an estimation.
We know that whales are peeing at the surface of the ocean. People who attended the show, said that the amount of liquid expelled by such a burst look like a geyser! But whatever the number of gallons of urine produced by the whale is like a single drop in a bucket compared to 1.3 billion KM3 water of the oceans!

Is the whale pee dirty ?

Unlike what we all thought the fish excrement are far from polluting the ocean. Urine and fecal matter from whale play an essential role in the oceanic balance, bringing nitrogen, phosphorus and iron in the marine ecosystem, a real makeover for our oceans!