Fish found leaving the sea to evolve into land animals

by spotmydive

A curious phenomenon has been observed in the waters of the island of Rarotonga, the bigggest of Cook Islands. Blennies start to get out the water and walk on land!

Credit: Dr. Georgina Cooke

Get out of the water to survive

When this is high tide, blennies, a small fish, decide to take shelter on rocks in order to flee their predators! Scientists used lures plastic fish mainly to verify their theory. Letting fake blennies underwater during the high tide, they discovered that the lures were attacked and bitten by rascasses lion fish, scorpion fish etc and other predators. Scientist concluded that this behavior has led to natural evolution with phisical and behavioral mutation. Those fishes do not lay anymore in the water but on rock cracks and holes. To be able to do such a thing fishes mutate to have powerfull fins giving them the ability to walk and jump out of the water.

Credit: Dr. Georgina Cooke

Species mutations

Terry Ord, famouse scientist, fascinated by blennies and evolution, said: “the evolution of species has been constrained by the need to avoid predators”. We hope that this study will explain us how and why the fish that we have been, left the ocean 400 million years ago.