Extraordinary octopus takes to land to hunt Its prey

by spotmydive

The octopus, a very strange sea creature

We all know that the octopus is an extraordinary animal, but it has not stopped surprising us and giving us all its secrets. Abdopus aculeatus, a small octopus endemic to the Indian Ocean, of which we know very little because it is very difficult to observe, is simply amazing. Like all other octopuses, it has 3 hearts and can regenerate one of its members if inadvertently it is cut. But, even stranger is its ability to camouflage itself to escape its predators, it then moves on two of its tentacles to mimic and merge with the algae floating in the waters of the current. It demonstrates once again that it is one of the most intelligent animals in the world.

An astonishing hunting technique

Another surprising fact about this little octopus is its way of hunting. Indeed, this formidable predator is as fierce in the water as on earth! This octopus is able to move on the sand, and when it finds itself trapped by the low tide, it takes the opportunity to go hunting its prey, and walks from puddle to puddle to hunt for crabs and fish.