Do sharks quickly respond to blood in the water?

by spotmydive

Since the terrible shark movies such as Jaws, the shark drags behind him a reputation of a bloodthirsty killer, attracted by human blood. What is the truth ? Is it a reality or a myth? To be clear, underwater divers have thrown themselves into the water to test this belief.

Human blood leaves sharks insensitive

Equipped with a perch with a sponge attached to it, soaked in human blood, they dived in the Bahamas in an area populated by sharks. And, despite of the expectations of the divers, the sharks have absolutely not reacted. Human blood did not attract them at all.

Sharks attracted by fish blood

They then retried, in the same place, the same experiment, but replacing the human blood by barracuda’s blood. And then the sharks were very responsive, they quickly turned to the source of the blood, and, all excited, began to circle around the bloody area. Despite to conventional wisdom, sharks are not at all looking for human prey. It is time to pu an end to their terrible reputation. The myth of the killer shark in search of swimmers or divers does not reflect reality. Some startups, surfing on the fear that this animal inspires to some people decided to offers a magnetic bracelet that would protect from bites.