Deep-sea anglerfish, a fusional love

by Lukas Joseph

This abyssal fish has a stunning sexuality

If the Anglerfish could sing, his favorite song would undoubtedly be “I have you in the skin” of Edith Piaf, and for good reason! This terrifying fish lives in depths of 1000 to 3000 meters. The male is very small, it measures only 3 cm, while the female can reach up to 20 cm. The female has on its head an organ that emits light. This lure is used to trap its prey but also to seduce its partners.

The male, in search of love, after locating the pheromones of his dulcinea, goes to look for the luminous point to verify that it is in the presence of a companion of its species. If so, then he plants his teeth in the body of his lover to hang on! The two lovers will then truly fuse, the blood of the female circulating through the body of the male. The parts of the anatomy that the male no longer uses will gradually disappear. And this is how the male is reduced to being only a sperm factory, which it will expel whenever the female needs it to fertilize its eggs.

Strange manners, don’t you think?