Bobbitt Worm, Evil has a new name

by spotmydive

The sea has a new monster: The Bobbit Worm.

Bobbit Worm characteristics

This purple-brown marine worm can grow up to 3 meters long. We can encounter this giant worm only in warm waters of the Indo-Pacific Ocean. The name of this worm comes from the John Wayne Bobbitt affair, tragic story since his wife cut off a part of his penis with a kitchen knife. Indeed the worm female cuts the male penis to serve as food for its offspring.

Bobbit Worm diet

To feed, this nightmarish worm burries itself in the sand. It waits then patiently for prey to come close enough to pounce on it. It uses its claws to grasp and even cut the victim in two. The worm also has an effective defense mechanism since it is covered with stinging hairs that numb the predators getting close enough to touch it.